I couldn’t believe it myself.

If there is a word that means ‘SO lucky, yet SO unlucky at the same time’, it’d be the best word to describe Paige right now.

Paige, my classmate who got two free Good Charlotte tickets, and was nice enough to give me one of them.

Paige, whom I was supposed to go to the concert with, and was supposed to stay over at my place right after.

Paige, who is one of the nicest person I’ve ever known, who’d walk home to bring you hand cream when you’ve got rashes, who’d get you traditional medicine for your cold, who’d always go to the campus main gate to get R.AGE for everyone, who used up at least RM10 of her credit trying to win tickets for me.

And during English today, she received a call, and there she was, talking away on the phone, completely undetected by Dr. Santha’s eagle eyes. (Lucky.)

She actually won the ultra-special-very-rare-once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity to meet Good Charlotte backstage! Hah. Her first time entering a contest somemore.
(Uber lucky.)

But then she found out yesterday, that her friend from Miri (where she’s from) is leaving for Aussie, and here she is, caught in a dilemma worse than any other dilemma anyone could possibly be caught in.

To see her friend off, and to skip the concert and forgo meeting Good Charlotte in person, or just go to the darn concert and risk being a bad friend?

(Uber uber uber unlucky.)

“Aiya, go to the concert la! You can see your friend online what!”
“Eh yeah! You just bought a webcam? Use webcam la!”
Might as well go Youtube and watch Good Charlotte. Same thing.

So she’s decided to go send her friend off.

I admire her so much.

Going off to KLIA meant seeing her friend for 30 minutes max, then having transport problems in coming home somemore.

Option Two meant getting to meet a huge band in person, enjoying a concert, and having transport issues all solved.

I would’ve been so tempted to go for Option Two, y’know.

That is Paige, the girl who could (unintentionally) make you laugh just by blinking at you. Who’d surprise you with little things you thought no one could ever be aware of. She’s one of the funniest person I’ve known, the kind nobody could ever dislike.

Now instead of watching GC with her, I’d have to go with my sister and her friends. And her friend’s brother who’s there only to “pak to with his girlfriend“.


* * * * *

I wonder how the NOFX gig went last night.

It feels as though there’s always an exam just around the corner.

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