Random update.

The coolest sh*t just happened.

I just received a pretty exciting email!

From a published author, no less.

The concert was fun, by the way. Managed to snap a photo with Jason Lo, unfortunately it’s in Anggit’s phone and I’ve problems bluetooth-ing (?) with her.

Because I was wearing the same shirt I wore for the Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang earlier that morning (ditched the skirt for jeans of course), I ended up being the most dressed up person there.
Everyone were dressed like they were going for the nightclub/goth party/bath. (Yes one guy took his shirt off. Yuck.)
My sister didn’t help. (“I told you not to wear that! You look like you’re going to work!”)
Still, they closed the gig with The Anthem, my favourite GC song. So I left all happy.

Off to study now, Biology and Physics common tests tomorrow and the day after.

I’m excited over the littlest things right now. I’m in a pretty good mood!

Toodles, dah-ling! –bimbo hand-flip

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