A little bit of – Fun.

This temporary post-exam freedom, this ultra-short after-exam-happiness, I cannot even begin to describe how sweet it feels!

But unfortunately, after having slaved over assignments and common tests and DI and Issue analysis over the past three weeks, three weeks of not watching television, not going online for more than an hour (unless it’s to find internet sources and information), when we’ve only just begun to revel in not having to go to sleep worrying over something or other, when we’re finally able to say “Yay! Exam over! Can sleep!”, we realize the cold, hard truth – the midyear exams are in three weeks’ time.

Reality bites.

But when the Physics paper was being handed in today, it felt so nice, yet so horrible at the same time.

Horrible, because it was the worst paper I (and a lot others, for that matter) have ever sat for.

Nice, because heck, WE CAN HAVE PROPER SLEEP NOW!


A bunch of us went out to celebrate the end-of-exams.

We paid RM21 to enter the indoor theme park in Times Square (“Oh man I feel so childish!”), got on a few rides, went on the ride that rotates 360 degrees clockwise, then stops in mid air, and rotates 360 degrees anti-clockwise, figured it was too much fun, convinced a friend who was too scared before to give it a try, went on the ride an extra two times (which makes 3 in total), and ended up making ourselves feel sick.

I found it so hilarious, we paid 21 bucks expecting fun, and ended up getting ourselves sick.

But truth be told, I had an amazing time.

We went for dinner, spent hours there chatting without knowing it, took the Monorail to the Crown Plaza to check something out, and by the time I got home, it was already 10.45 pm.

And I had school the next day.

Lately I’ve been making a lot of impulsive decisions after school to go out to this and that place, then coming home really late, and going to school tired the next day, homework undone.

But I’m having a whole lotta fun.

College isn’t as bad as I had dreaded it to be.

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