Amen. And other stuff.

Just a little copy-and-paste from my friend’s blog –

We had our lunch at Pizza hut…I was sitting at the end of the table so they told me to say “grace”…Never done it before so I was quite nervous…I said a lot and start to think..then I forgot what I wanted to say and suddenly said, “aww-man!” then suddenly my friends all said Amen.I was shocked to see them say that and told them,”I haven’t finish yet”Esther said to me,”Why so long one?”(should not have the word “one’…what to do ? Malaysian ma..).Then I said Amen…because I was shy…haha…

It was darn hilarious.

She didn’t write it there, but Esther actually scolded her for not saying “In the name of Jesus”, to which she replied, “But I haven’t finished yet!”

Turned out we mistook her “awww man!” for “Amen”.

Also lifted off her blog, is this –

Us, stoning, because we were Too Sick To Continue.

You see that plastic bag between us?

It was carrying a half-eaten pandan cake roll, but we left it there when we went for our rides, and it ended up being stolen from us. (One wonders why anyone would want a half-eaten roll.)


In my attempt to become more of a hardworking person and less of a last-minute-rush person, I stayed back on Monday, idled away two hours after school, just so I could catch Dr. Santa after her classes at 4 pm, and we went over my draft for the Investigative Studies Report.

So while 5 people had to fight for her one hour during classes, or during breaks, I had a whole 40 minutes to myself that afternoon.

And ended up having her change 80% of my report.

She changed the headings, told me half the things I had were irrelevant, made me discard them and told me to add a bunch of other stuff.

Which is all well, because we all know she just wants the best from me, but I wonder, why did she not tell me I had the wrong headings and content and arrangement when I handed in my proposal, or when I did my outline?

Now I’m worried because I’m doing all these new content for the first time, and it’d already be The Final Report.

And here’s a new record.

I managed to talk my mom into getting me a new huuuge work station, and a new work chair that costs 2.5 times more than the one she had wanted to get, all in 10 minutes!

Obviously, this post is very filler-ish, but nevermind.

Quote – “I am Someone, with Something, going Somewhere!

It’s not like anything HUGE is happening lately, but for the weirdest reason, I’m feeling very excited. I wonder why.

Hmm I think it’s about time I did a new blog layout. This is SO Red Hot Chili Pepper-fan site-ish.

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