I am goth, but I don’t look goth

Ask me not what that means, ’cause I have no idea either.

28th person, explain.


I’ve never actually had fun during teacher’s day in high school, except maybe after school when I hang out with the group.

Oh waitta minute. How was teacher’s day celebrated in Catholic High again?

See? Totally forgettable.

But yesterday was Taylor’s UC teacher’s day celebration, and boy was it fun!
(But I cannot say the same for the teachers. They looked very bored, and Mr. Yap left early.)

After the teachers left, G10 had their own fun –

Playing musical chairs!

Which I got kicked out pathetically early (hence being able to take that shot), but nevermind, success in life does not depend on whether you win in Musical Chairs.

Then there was that game where one person would run around trying to hit people with newspaper, but would always end up looking unintentionally lost and confused.

Which then led to this –

Kevin’s sexy dance.

Man, he has guts.

Had a whole lot of laugh-out-loud moments that day, like when Esther asked who starred in the Sixth Sense, the 28th person went, “Neh, that other man who looks like Tom Hanks.” It was Bruce Willis, actually.

Or when the 28th person tried as best as she could to open her eyes as wide as it would go, she ended up looking like she’s just very curious about something.

And before the day was over, a bunch of us managed to make a trip to MidValley for a meal at Sushi King. It’s amazing we haven’t gotten bored of it already.

* * * * *

The past week had been the most stressful than any other week of my life had been.

Yes, even worse than that wretched SPM period during high school.

Yours would be too, if your lecturer told you that what you’ve been doing for the past four months were wrong, and made you redo things in one week.

Worse still if it was your FINAL version of your report, that report which constitutes 30% of your SAM english marks.

I’ve been skipping breaks just so I could work on the report, and I’d go home at 6pm without eating anything the entire day.

There’s no time to breathe before we have to hand in our Biology final report, our chemistry report outline, and then right after, our midyear exams.

Everytime I start whining, my mom would ask, “So now you regret taking SAM?”

Let me very confidently tell you – no, I do not.

For reasons I cannot understand myself, I actually like writing reports.

And, slightly sadistic as it may sound, I actually like pushing myself to the limits like this.

There always seem to be a weird sense of accomplishment everytime I look back on a particularly stressful week/month.

Catch’a later, mah homies! Be sho’ y’all check back soon, yo!

(What is the Malaysian equivalent of ‘homies’ again? Macha?)

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