Dr. Santha is a ‘Dr’. She must’ve gotten a B.A. in English, then a M.A., then a Ph.D. But she’s working in a private college in Malaysia, teaching classes of 30 that make fun of her large, reflective spectacles and mock her very pronounced Indian accent. She gets herself all worked up over the bad […]


More than failed physics papers,more than the rushing of assignments,more than presentations you screwed up because you ‘umm’-ed too much,more than dreading Parent-Teacher Day,more than the iPod charger you threw away and realized only after the rubbish truck came by,more than your pairs of good socks someone else threw away,more than doing Statistics in maths. […]

Gloom, in Optimism.

Come to think of it, optimism and that funky/melancholic feeling go almost hand-in-hand, no? ‘Gloomily optimistic’ looks like an oxymoron at first sight, but naww, they’re actually pretty good friends. It’s utterly possible because if you’re optimistic, you imagine (expect, even) great things, you think of Things That Dreams Are Made Of, you wonder what […]