Holidays / Birthdays


Right now is the beginning of a week of no-study-all-play!

Liberty, liberty, liberty!

(And that means being able to blogging as much as you want to, despite being warned against it.)

I know, it’s only a-week-plus-two-days of holiday, but I’m feeling like SPM is just over.

(But if that’s how it is, then like Esther says, STPM is just round the corner!)

The dreaded trials, a few weeks away.

All things sad and upsetting (like exams) aside, today was two things –

1. According to Anggit, today’s Indonesia’s independance day.

2. According to the then-17-year-old Paige, today’s the day she turns 18.

So we obviously had to celebrate!

Unfortunately, just as we were walking to her apartment with the cake and chocolates to surprise her, she unwittingly walked out and bump into us on the way.

She said (jokingly of course) we have zero talent in organizing a surprise birthday celebration.

I say, you didn’t help us out by staying in your apartment long enough!

Her taking a photo of us, taking a photo of her.

Us taking a photo of her, taking a photo of us.

(Curi-ed from her blog, of course.)

Well, happy 18th birthday!

Now you don’t have to turn away when Fatoula kisses Ian! (Not like you had to in the first place.)

What else, what else.

Oh yeah.

Merdeka Day’s two weeks away.

And frankly, I cannot wait.

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