Results (unimaginative post title!)

By God’s grace.

Logged into SSABSA’s result page in what, my first try?

I got no idea why people keep saying it took then “frickin’ long” to log in.

So I got in.

Loaded the Tertiery Entrance page.

Covered the screen with my palms, because heck, need more self-induced suspense hor.

But uh, what the heck, look only la.

And guess what.

The hours of last-minute toiling away at the study tale paid off.

I got all A’s!

Yes, even Chemistry-the-dreadful-subject.

Now why did I say that so calmly ah?

Me insides are boiling over, I’m so HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMGoodness slap me slap me!


– picks up cell phone, speed dial mom’s number –

Hello. This is the toilet bowl. Flush and leave your message. *FLUSH!*

Argh stupid voicemail.

Dr. Zul predicted that people in our class will get a TER of 70, seeing that all of us did so badly in the common tests.

I was worried as heck la!

Surpassed my personal aim. WAY surpass my aim!

What I mean is, ZOMGWTFBBG WAAAY surpassed my aim!

Surprised as heck, but so NOT the SPM kind!

To hope for a TER of anything more than 95 was like asking my mom for a bungalow la, you know, like very exceeding like that.

But only by God’s grace.

Thank you Lord.

(I know it sounds a little stupid, to be so excited over a non-99 TER, but believe me when I say, I expected a lot less of myself.
And I would’ve totally kicked myself if all the skipping class and refusing all social outings didn’t bear fruit.
The two months leading up to the finals were like hell, partly due to the SATs and the TOEFL, but also because I realized my grades so far had been crap, and I needed, I mean needed, to get my ass into my study chair and actually STUDY!

You should see all the stuff I put up on my study table to motivate myself!

Dr. Seuss’s Oh the Places You Will Go!, and this note I wrote to myself, telling present-Chooiyen that future-Chooiyen would be ever so grateful if present-Chooiyen would actually study!)


Gotta go the Curve to meet up with a buncha friends soon.

Slept two hours before this, cannot sleep now.

Like that how to drive? Road hazard I tell you.

Bye world!

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