Near death. Or not really la.

WAH the scariest sh*t happened to me today!

I think, I could have died. (Uh, exaggerated or not I dunno la.)

People who’ve been passengers in my (mom’s) car would no doubt realize, that dull looking red Kancil that I drive is a real old clunker of a car.

I remember that time when a bunch of us went to the National Museum, and they had an exhibition of old cars, and there it was, a Proton Saga being exhibited amongst old, really ancient cars.

Back then I thought, “Wah good thing I don’t drive Saga. Very malu.”

In restrospect, I drive something that is more memalukan than an old Saga.

I drive an old Kancil.

The radio doesn’t work, the lock on the front passenger door is totally messed up (doesn’t come up/go down when it’s supposed to) (confuses friends who sit there), you step fully on the accelerator and instead of going “Vrooooom!“, it actually goes, “Eeee-kachung-kachung-eeee” or something weird like that.

Needless to say, it takes longer to accelerate, even with the pedal fully stepped on. Even worse when it comes to uphill slopes. I’d be thinking, “Hurry up hurry up hurry up!” Cars behind overtake only.

Plus, and this one’s a sure sign of Embarrassingly Old Cars, the windows have to be rolled down.

Yes, roll down that little handle thing.

Very very mafan when it comes to getting/putting in tickets in parking lots.

Oh, I’m veering off topic.

You know those overhead highway things, that have these concrete borders to prevent you from going off the edge and plunge right into Death?

The one I was on curves to the right (I hope I’m painting you an easy picture here), and at that time I was blanking out.

You know, your mind wasn’t on the road.

And I came, what, an inch from the concrete blocks? And I was driving straight.

Curved road + driving straight = barge right through concrete blocks! = DIE! (or accident la)

I came to just in time (any further and I’d totally have hit it!), steered sharply to the right, and OMGWTFBBQ big ass truck right beside me!

Got honked, steered left, but cannot la the road is turning right!, panic a bit, steered right, and went on my merry way.

Very un-drama here, but trust me it was scary as heck. You know that very millisecond when you realize you’re this close to hitting something large like a concrete block (and you know you’ll fall off and die if you do), and you’re doing 80 kmph on the highway, scary as heck. Then got truck somemore!

I have this fear of trailers / large vehicles. The other day something similar happened to Ling when she was driving, only it was less dangerous ’cause she was on flat, wide road, and I screamed, very unnecessarily loudly. Ling wasn’t even the least bit shook up la.

Oh by the way. This Kancil I drive does not have power steering. (Yes it is thaaaat ancient.)

It is difficult, driving a car without power steering. It it stiff, and you pretty much cannot drive it with one hand.

Now you know.

Fortunately, no one else was in the car with me.

Even more fortunately, my mom was not in the car with me.

She’d totally stop me from driving out any more. She is already very sien ’cause it seems to her that I am dominating her car.

I so wish I had a car of my own. One that is actually un-Old.

I have to wake up at 7 am to drop my mom off if I want to have her car for the day, then go out at 8 pm to pick her up.

You people who have your own cars, so lucky!

P/S. I don’t usually drive like that la. In fact I’ve never driven like that before. I was just thinking about Something Important today. Don’t boycott sitting in my car, okay?

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