I slay.

We Will Rock You the musical will be showing in Singapore!

They perform to Queen’s hit songs, so I imagine it’s one heck of a musical.

Best part best part – Mig Ayesa will star in it!

Remember Mig?

Third last guy standing in the Rockstar: INXS show!

I wanted him to win if Marty Casey couldn’t. Ended up both lost, JD won, nevermind I don’t listen to INXS anyway.

I have a video of him performing Bohemian Rhapsody in my cell phone, and he rocks everyone’s socks! Except the socks of INXS members ’cause they obviously didn’t let him win.

Oooh how I miss Rockstar shows.

(I remember the grand finale of Rockstar: Supernova was the night before my Physics exam, so I ended up…… watching the show and studying Physics at midnight.)

Perhaps Malaysia should put up bright neon lights to attract international shows / bands to come over.

* * * * *

Here’s a completely different matter altogether.

I had a I Am Legend-esque dream last night.

Except in my dream, I was not alone in an empty city / world. There was a clique of “Darkseeker” slayers, and I was one of them ahah.

I also had a very close friend / partner always with me, but I don’t know who that person was, sometimes it seemed to be Chuan Ling, sometimes ZiHui, sometimes just a shadowy figure that prances around.

And I almost got killed, by the way.

But it was my dream, and naturally I was the hero, and heroes never die, so I obviously survived.

By then I was scared shitless, wanted to drop out of the clique, but then Lena (whom I met in church in real life and has kind of taken the role as my spiritual guide) told me that… um, that it is my job to slay Darkseekers and that I’d be doing it for the greater good.

So I ended up being a full time Darkseeker slayer.

Oh my oh my. Stupid dream.

For the uninitiated, Darkseekers are the mutilated kena-virus ex-people that are the bad guys in the I Am Legend movie.

They are supposed to be cured (not killed!), which is Will Smith’s character’s job.

Anyhoo. This dream probably has some psychological significance, but nahhhh I don’t read into dreams so much.

Christmas is almost here! Woot!

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