Doing medicine?

For anyone thinking of applying to do medicine, this might be a helpful link.

Thinking About Studying Medicine? Read This First. from Educate Deviate.

It’s initially an Ask MetaFilter thread, but someone answered particularly well, and here that answer is being highlighted.

Almost everyone I know has thought of doing Medicine at one time or another, so if you’re not sure if you’re cut out for it, this is helpful as heck.

I know of people (okay maybe just one or two) who initially decided to do medicine, because they genuinely want to help people, but then later they realize that you don’t have to be a doctor to help. There are many other ways.

Studying medicine sounds very glam, I mean your parents will actually be able to say, “My son/daughter doing medicine!”

But talking to a doctor person at an education fair earlier in the year, he said that a lot of people forget that it is very, very unglamorous behind the scenes.

So. Choose wisely, and good luck everyone deciding on their future paths!

(Here I am kind of thankful I don’t have to choose a major until I’m, what, 21?)

(SAM people are getting university offers / already accepting offers! Jeles!)

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