All that is cheap is good.

I am happy!

LOL Apparently, it doesn’t take a lot to make me happy.

So. I managed to get 3 music albums, all for ohmygoodness-so-cheap-RM53.60!

Okay so one of them is a cassette (because that clunker of a car that I drive does not have a CD player), but still!

Best yet, I managed to snag Jack’s Mannequin’s “Everything In Transit” for a measly RM19.90!

*helpless silly grin*

Mainly because I never thought I could find it in local music stores. Oh man oh man.

LOL I think my sister and I spent more than an hour in that music shop, with me squealing excitedly (embarrassingly?), because it was like this little heaven, for some reason a lot of the stuff I liked was so cheap. Plus, they had a lot of stuff I couldn’t find at the other CD shops I’d recently been to.

NOFX was also being sold at RM19.90. If CDs were people, you’d probably feel bad for them. I’m guessing their retail price is lowered because they are completely not in demand.
Like, “no one wants these, so I sell cheap”.

Then in this corner was a sad-looking trolley that had scattered piles of cassettes.

Each cassette was sold at RM5, so I dug around a bit for something to listen to when I’m driving, and found awesome artists, like Chevelle (!!!) and Simon & Garfunkle.

Near the trolley were the usual priced cassettes of popular bands, all neatly arranged. All sold at RM20. Can you imagine? Chevelle, sold at a quarter of the price of a normal cassette!

So lesson learnt? When in music stores, always dig into those piles that look as though they’re put aside only because no one wants them, and who knows what gems you might find!

Oh man oh man. There are few things that bring more happiness than having new music albums to listen to. Seriously.

It is completely different from and so much better than listening to the illegally downloaded versions of them.

And here I’ll leave you with this – Backstreet Boys is performing here!!!!!!!!!!!

I think they’re the only group I like that I can go watch them perform live and be totally fan-girlish!

It is very wrong to go to a rock show and go, “OHMYGOODNESS *guitarist* I looove you!!”.
Or, “MARRY ME *lead singer*!!!”

It basically annoys the heck out of people.

But Backstreet Boys is different!

At a BSB show you are probably expected to be fan-girly!

Here, I membongkarkan a secret – I used to have a celebrity crush on AJ McLean. And I used to get upset when my brother purposely pointed to the BSB poster on my wall and call Brian Littrell “Shit Face”.

See? I still remember all of their full names. A fan of 7 years, man!

It’s very ironic. Their latest album is called “Unbreakable”, but what is the design of their album cover? Lines that resemble broken glass.

Clever! (Not.)

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