Rounded ends

So during the Backstreet Boys concert, Paige said my blog was getting boring (or it was boring all along, I can’t remember which).

And boy do I agree!

This thing is very pointless actually.

Do you know how many saved drafts I have in Blogger?

Sixty-eight. Sixty-eight!

Completed, properly long posts that I did not publish.

The posts that I do publish, evidently, are the very pointless ones.

Did you know, recently there’s been a surge of people Googling phrases that include the word “c-u-m” and being led to my new year’s post?
Someone even searched “how to make a guy c-u-m more than usual”.

(Obviously they didn’t include the dashes. If I didn’t include dashes I’d be inviting more horny people to this post.)

LOL I am getting the wrong sort of audience.

As is the last post, this post is Pointless.


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