The other night the college had this hypnotist come over, and it was THE MOST HILARIOUS thing evarrrr! So this hypnotist randomly chose 30 volunteers from the audience to go on stage to be hypnotized. Frankly I was super skeptical. I mean, hypnotizing 30 people on stage? And wouldn’t you believe it, the guy actually […]

From Iowa

I am in Grinnell! I can hardly believe it loh actually. But before I go on about that, there’s one thing I have to say. So in line with how ironic some things in life can be, it is when I’m leaving that I feel more love than I have ever felt before. Which makes […]


VYHIUNJMKJN$%^&*H(JMNBXC^&VBY*UNIONB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is super shitty!!!! I accidentally moved 30GB worth of music into Trash! And there is no “restore” function! What kind of stupid trash bin has no restore function! APA INI! Now I’ve got to manually drag 1000 songs out of Trash and back into their respective artist/album folder for iTunes to recognize it […]