The other night the college had this hypnotist come over, and it was THE MOST HILARIOUS thing evarrrr!

So this hypnotist randomly chose 30 volunteers from the audience to go on stage to be hypnotized. Frankly I was super skeptical. I mean, hypnotizing 30 people on stage?

And wouldn’t you believe it, the guy actually pulled it off!

It was super hilarious (and quite amazing also la).

He managed to make them do pretty embarrassing things. Like one time, he made them think they were fishes, and pretty much everyone on stage started acting like fishes! And boy did we have quite a variety of fishes on stage. Half of them made little fins with their hands, some made gills that opened and closed, and a few were even making fish mouths, it was so funny. One guy even went “swimming” around the stage! At one point they all even crowded at one corner of the stage, scrambling to catch imaginary fish food.

One time, he asked them if anyone liked Taylor Swift. One of the girls, still hypnotized, put out a downward thumb and made an “EEEUUUCHH” sort of face. So the hypotist made her think she was Taylor Swift, and had her go around the hall singing and waving to screaming people.

The hypnotist also wanted a band to play for Taylor Swift, so he went to this guy (who was still hypnotized) and asked if he could play the keyboards. He went, “Err… no?”

So the hypnotist made him kind of sleep (by pulling his arm hard and making him slump down on his chair), and said something like, “You are now the best keyboardist ever!” or something. Then he woke the guy up and asked once more if he could play the keyboard, and this time the guy went, “Hell YEAH!” and started banging on an invisible keybard. It was hilarious.

He also made them believe that the sun was scorching hot, and he gave each of them a piece of regular tissue paper and said that it would protect them from the harmful UV rays, so they should cover whatever important parts of themselves with it. Some people covered their faces, some just put if on their heads, one guy actually put it on his crotch!

It was pretty amazing, after the show this girl I know kept going, “How does he do it?!“, it was pretty unbelievable.

Intially I thought it was a large elaborate hoax, because two people I know where chosen to go onstage, and both had to leave prematurely because they weren’t hypnotized. So I kind of thought the hypnotist had planted his little minions in the audience to call on, then pick a few extra actual students to make the hoax more believable.

But then the next day I met one of the girls who was on stage (and who was actually hypnotized), and she said it felt like a dream. She thought she’d been on stage for around 10 minutes, when in fact she’d been hypnotized for about an hour and a half.

Pretty cool actually, this hypnosis thing!

* * * * *

I got the courses I want! Yay!

Over here, emailing, pestering and groveling actually work in getting you courses you want, can you believe it?

A friend of mine didn’t get the class that she wanted, and after emailing the professor 3 times, and going up to him a few more times, he actually let her in his class.

So at first I was a little disappointed with my classes, because I didn’t get French, and got Economics instead (which I put in only as a backup), and pretty much resigned to the fact that it was only going to be a so-so semester at most, when my friend’s sister (a third-year) was like, “You have to email the professor! Ask him more than once!”

So I did, and ended up being able to get French AND History (which my adviser said was an in-demand course)!

Having reading assignments and short writing assignments and stuff when it’s only the second day of classes is not at all fun, but I’m glad classes have started.

For one thing, I was getting very sien of orientation talks.

Two days till Merdeka!

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