Oh, look what you’ve done.

Regarding the previous post, the post title was randomly chosen, holds no significance! (Actually my neighbor was listening to that song at that time.) I read my own post and realized how it sounded like I was super jealous of clever, intellectual people because I’m not clever and intellectual myself.

It’s a lot more convenient to use lines from songs you happen to be listening to as your post titles.


I dropped history. Yay!

(Seriously, what would you expect from me? I seriously considered changing streams months after entering form 4, I changed subjects/courses twice during pre-u, and I have a brother who is 24 and still hasn’t completed his degree because he changed his mind too often.)

When I went to my adviser to change my classes again, he actually went, “Is this going to be a recurring theme?”

Anyway. I thought history was going to be really interesting because it was called “Cultural Encounters in History” right, only it turned out to be deadly boring. The fact that it was an 8 AM class did NOT help at all.

So anyway, I dropped history and took up anthropology instead. I’ve got a lot of reading to catch up on obviously, having joined the class so late in the game, but I have to say this –

My anthropology professor is such an interesting character!

For one thing, he doesn’t shave, so he looks extremely shaggy with his unshaven face.

He also wears this weird bright red checked long clown-shoes. Like yesterday he was wearing a blue shirt, with blue jeans, then the bright red shoes.

He’s also a bit eccentric, and very often goes off on a tangent. We were talking about rituals of different communities, and this guy asked if brushing our teeth in the morning could be considered a ritual. The professor had only started answering the question when he began talking about something totally irrelevant, something his blind friend did. Dunno-how-many-minutes later he caught himself, realized there wasn’t much time left, then very abruptly went back to his lecture. Like, very suddenly like that.

He’s a bit like a mad scientist; brilliant, smart, but a little eccentric.

So anyway, I’m finally happy with my classes!

I have this tutorial, which is only required for our first semester of our freshman year, and the topic of my class is “Why are funny things funny”.

It sucks that it is an 8 AM class, and it sucks that while my friends’ professors let them start their classes at 8.30 AM while mine doesn’t, but it’s darn cool that we get to watch a lot of funny videos during class!

Like one day last week, we actually spent 45 minutes of our 110-minute-long class laughing at a combination of YouTube videos, certain parts of Blades of Glory, and a funny radio show.

Today, we were watching Knocked Up.

We pretty much just watch funny stuff, then talk about why some things are funny while others are not. Like dissecting humor. I don’t know, maybe by the end of this semester I will never look at humor/comedies the same again. Wouldn’t it suck if I were to watch a funny movie with friends later on and spend half the time being occupied by thoughts like, “Oh YEAH, this is funny because it contradicts our expectations, yet contains no malicious intent!” Or whatever la.

It’s actually a bit ridiculous, how we dissect humor. Like, one time we established that things are funny because they are so inappropriate. But then if we make fun of physically or mentally challenged people, that is inappropriate, but it’s not funny.

Then we said that all humor comes from situations whose outcomes violate what one would expect. But then we watched some Japanese game shows on YouTube in class (and believe me, some of them, like the Human Tetris game, is hilarious!), and it is still as funny when you watch it the second or third time. You already expect the outcome, so why is it still funny?

Now we are on to the idea that all funny things are ironic, however not all ironic things are funny.

I mean, all this seriousness with something as frivolous as humor?

I know one thing though – cultures definitely play a large role in what one finds funny. I mean like, The Onion is a large part of our tutorial, and while my American classmates laugh at a lot of the articles (American, right, not even the Ghanaian), I frankly find them not funny at all.

Like, not at all.

Half the time I don’t understand the cultural references, the other half (the times when I DO get it), I find the jokes kind of lame.

Do any of you from Malaysia find that website funny?

Anyway. Our professor told us to come up with 3 Onion-esque headlines of our own, and he jotted down a list of the ones that got sufficient votes from the class, and one of mine was on it, so yay for that I guess.

* * * * *

I’ve been sending emails to my family, (I’d write a long detailed one and send it to everyone in my family, plus an aunt), and the days after that I’d get replies trickling in.

And as one would expect, my parents’ replies are more advice-giving than anything. Like, they’d tell me to “hold true to my Asian values”, or to not cave in to peer pressure, even if that makes me “square”. (You KNOW your parents are from an loooong ago era when they still use “square” to describe lame things! We modern people just use the word “lame”.)

So I’m gonna write to them to tell them that I am not super needy and teetering on the brink of peer pressure, one step away from doing drugs and getting completely pissed and sleeping with people and getting myself knocked up.

I am still conservative and traditional and Asian-like and tame and awkward and all that.


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