Livin’ large. Like, literally.

I have gained 2.5 kg since I got here. Like, OhMyGoodness.

I gained 2.5 kg in a month!

I blame the expensive meal plan. The college makes it compulsory for all first-years to go for the 21-meal plan.

And let me tell you, that meal plan is so expensive it shocks everyone who finds out how much they really cost.

I mean, we all know how much we have to pay for meals each semester, it’s printed there on the billing statement right, but no one really goes and calculates how much we are paying for a day of food.

Then they find out that they are being charged RM27.8 for breakfast, another RM27.8 for lunch, and RM38.20 for dinner, and everyone just goes into a state of shock.

Seriously la, what person consumes RM 94 worth of food each day!

It makes me feel pressured, like I have to eat something even if I don’t feel like it, because damn it I’m not going to pay RM38.20 without getting its worth in food!

It’s such a waste that some of my friends have the blandest, most boring food for lunch. Like one time, one of them just had a bowl of cereal and a glass of water for lunch because she didn’t feel like eating. The most expensive bowl of cereal, I can tell you that much.

Then many a time I’d skip breakfast (for example, I’ve never, never been to breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays), so that’s RM27.80 spent on absolutely nothing for each breakfast skipped.

I sound very kiamsiap, don’t I, what with all the quoting of prices and repeating how much money I’m wasting. But goodness I’m not even done talking yet.

So to further affirm my kiamsiap-ness, let me tell you how I, being the true blue kiasu Malaysian, would make the most out of the situation.

Because I work in the dining hall, I get to have free meals whenever I work a shift, which means my meal plan for the day is being wasted, right?

Wrong. I actually can go to the Spencer Grill and get an Out-take, which is basically a take-away meal package for people who missed their meals at the dining hall.

So what I do is I eat my free lunch during my shift, then after I’m done working I go get an Out-take, and eat that. So basically I have two lunches/dinners/whatever.

Of course I’d gain weight, and I’m 100% sure I’d gain more.

You know, really fattening food like cheese and carbs like potatoes are so accessible here, I practically have cheese every single meal.

Today, I had cheese omelette with ham, bacon and mushrooms for breakfast (plus a doughnut and chocolate milk, but those aren’t necessary mentions I guess), for lunch I had turkey ham and cheese sandwhich with cheddar chips, and dinner was cheese-baked potatoes, a slice of pizza, and a rather large mound of salad loaded with bacon and cheese.

Of course you can avoid cheese, of course you can go completely healthy and opt for non-cheese, non-carbs, non-red meat meals, but why would you want to do that (unless you are some super health-freak, which I am not unfortunately)?

And as if all that isn’t enough, the dessert here is heavenly. No wait – the dessert here is Heavenly! (It needs the upper case H and the italicization!)

Like, they’d have the most dense chocolate cake you can imagine. And they’d have super amazing pies! One time they had carrot cake, and everybody was having it. I was surprised, I’d never seen any dessert make its way onto every single table what. Then this sophomore at our table was wolfing his down, and he was like, “This is the best thing you’d ever get to taste in Grinnell.” So even though carrot cakes never appealed to me, even though I didn’t think it looked that nice, I took a slice anyway – and ohmygoodness, it was SO GOOD.

The most worrying thing here is that my clothes are all of ngam-ngam-hou size, so that if I suddenly bloat up (and they say at the beginning you gain weight slowly -if you can call my 2kg increase slow- and then after that your weight will suddenly just soar), I’d have to get new clothes. Damn expensive here okay.

Aaaaanyway. Even though the desserts here are to die for (especially the ice-cream, I sometimes have 3 cones a day, and I didn’t even use to like ice-cream back in Malaysia), everything else here is starting to get a bit less appealing, they get so repetitive.

They do have a stir-fry station though, where you pretty much get chinese food, but they are made-to-order (obviously loh, you choose your own ingredients what) and so the lines are so long I don’t even bother. But one of my friends has this amazing patience, and she’d bring her meal from the stir-fry station to our table while I’m already halfway through eating, and they always looked so nice.

I miss Malaysian food.

I’m pretty much killing myself by visiting Malaysian food blogs (where right now the hot topic is the Ramadan bazaars, and they always have close-ups of these delicious -looking foods). Like, I’d have nothing to do (basically means trying to put off homework la), and I’d visit one of those food blogs, then get super hungry (even though I’m really not at all), and I’d have unhealthy snacks like chips or Oreos or something.

Those food blogs are like porn for homesick Malaysians like myself.

Speaking of Oreos, I bought so much of them to store in my room, one of my friends who came over was like, “Oh. My. God.” (Why do people do that? Put a figurative full-stop at the end of each word like that.)

Anyway, my roommate asked if I had Oreos back in Malaysia.

Chhhhhehh, like, do we!?! (I practically lived on Oreos during exam periods okay!)


P/S. Alliteration in my title!

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