Family Weekend this week.

Very what la, like yesterday I was sitting with a few other international students for dinner, and this American at the next table saw a friend of hers, and was like, “This is my mother, this is my brother, my grandmother, and this is my father!”

We were all just looking at each other. Then we started talking about our own families.

Obviously none of our parents came, right, and we were just saying that our parents are not at all going to visit Grinnell until our commencement (4 years later!).

Quite funny also la, like make ourselves sound very ke lian like that.

I am so tired. SOOO TIRED.

I just finished working a 5-hour shift at the Grill (the usual shift is only 3 hours), because it was Family Weekend and they needed people because the usual people working the shifts probably have families over.

It was a pretty horrible shift! It’s probably ’cause when people have parents over they buy more (and more expensive) food, because the parents paying for them what, so it was super busy.

Other than the 15-minute break, I’d been standing and rushing around throughout my entire shift, can you imagine how tiring that is.

Every since I’ve been at Grinnell I’ve been sleepy every waking minute. Not like I have that much homework also?

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