Expanding waistline

Friday night, I was at a friend’s dorm watching “Talladega Nights” that we rented from the school library. We were just passing time, waiting till it was time to go for this other event later that night.

So anyway. I went to use the toilet in her dorm, and right after peeing I obviously had to zip up my jeans, and my jeans buckle popped out. My jeans buckle popped! It just shot out like a tiny missile! Nothing is more indicative of me becoming fat than the popping out of my damn jeans buckle okay! (Except of course my friend’s electronic scale explicitly showing my weight in bright red glowing numbers.)

A bit embarrassing okay!

It shot out, fell to the floor right beside the toilet bowl, and kid of rolled partially into this crack between the toilet bowl and the floor. I tried picking it up, but you know la, fingers also become fat and clumsy, instead of effectively picking it up I actually pushed the entire buckle into the crack.

I had to borrow my friend’s ruler, and both of us were on all fours, trying to push the damn buckle out with the ruler. And it wasn’t easy locating it, we actually pushed out a hairpin and a paper clip before the buckle came out. Lemme tell you, I have never put my face this close to a toilet floor / toilet bowl okay!

So now that the buckle is out and it isn’t re-sewable or anything, I basically cannot wear that jeans anymore loh. Which is a pity ’cause it’s my second favorite pair of jeans.

I know I have been eating too much because I feel extremely full after every meal, but it’s mostly because I would almost always start a meal feeling like I have not fully digested the food I had from the meal before, but I’d still go ahead and stuff myself silly.

Potatoes, desserts, cheese, rice, desserts, bacon, desserts, desserts and desserts.

And all that talk of consistently going to the gym? All talk only lor. Like last night we were supposed to go at 9.00 PM, but I ended up making that phone call to say I won’t be going because I had too much homework. (Bullshit loh actually, I just waited till the last minute to work on it. I ended up working on it till 3 AM!)

You know, when I’m not full I have a relatively normal stomach, but when I’m full I look like I’m pregnant. One time, I was out with my sister buying her prom dress, and when we got back home I put her dress on to see how it looked on me, but that time I was full so I had a belly so darn enormous, even my sister was amazed.

So anyway, I realized that for the past few weeks I seem to have had a permanently bloated belly. It feels horrible actually, makes me sluggish and all (plus the constant worry that I’m going to get fat).

So guess what I had today. Bagel and cream cheese for breakfast, turkey ham and cheese on wholemeal bread for lunch, and pasta + salad (without loading it with cheese for once!) for dinner. No dessert. (A lot of self-control involved okay!) Yeeeaaahhh that is considered very little compared to what I normally have =(

Amazingly, I have a normal, non-pregnant-looking stomach now! (So through this experiment-thingie we now know it only takes a day of practicing sefl-control to have my belly go back to its non-bloated state!)

You know my diet and weight is becoming a worrying issue when I dedicate two entire posts to them within a week.

This is the kiasu person’s way of dealing with expensive meal plans. Eat as much as you can to swueeze all the value you can get out of it!

(I was snacking on an apple and a bag of baby carrots to cure my hunger by the way. Ohmygawd I feel like one of those crazy health freaks!)

Speaking of health freaks, it’s so ridiculous that while the college offers such super unhealthy foods (there are healthy options also la, but those stations are tucked at the deserted corner at the back of the dining hall), they also offer things like Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi and Diet Dr Pepper.

Super ridiculous. I work at the Spencer Grill, which is a lot nicer to work in than at the main dining hall because it’s more like a cafe and hence is more chill, cleaner, and less busy (same pay though yay!).

I have served so many people who come up to the cash register, ask for a diet soda (DIET soda!), and when I ask if they want a regular or a large, they go, “Large one, please.”

Ridiculous. How much healthier is a large diet soda please!

Over here we have milk, right, and we have three options – chocolate milk, skim milk, and 2% milk.

The first time I wanted milk for my cereal, I was like, what the heck is 2% milk?! So what is the rest of the 98% made of? Water? Are they ripping me off by giving me watered down milk?

I didn’t want chocolate milk, I didn’t want skim milk, and 2% milk just sounded too ridiculous. All I wanted was regular, full cream milk.

I don’t care if it’s going to make me humongously overweight, I don’t care if skim milk and 2% milk (!!) is super healthy and thus not make me humongously overweight, I just want my regular milk that actually tastes good.

So I went around to all the milk dispenser machines to see if any of them had regular milk, but nope, it was only skim and 2%.

I’m used to asking, “Skim or 2%?” when someone asks for milk at the Grill, and every time I ask it I feel very ridiculous. (I obsiously Googled “2% milk” to see what it really was, and found out that the “2%” refers to the fat contained in the milk. Full cream milk contains 3.5% fat. Not a lot less also?)

French quiz tomorrow morning, and I am about as prepared as a loaf of bread, a tub of butter, unsliced ham, whole tomatoes and lettuces on a table waiting to be made into a sandwhich.

Sorry for the analogy.

Bye bye!

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