What I saw last night

I saw penises last night (um, kind of).

One was a huge bulge in an underwear, because the guy was wearing nothing but the underwear (no I didn’t actually SEE his thingie), and the other was a meter-long inflatable one another guy had strapped on to his loins.

Very what-the-heck right.

It was at this themed party that a bunch of us went to check out, but it was too hot and sweaty and the music was too loud so we left really soon.

Damn kao sketchy! (And ‘sketchy’ wasn’t even a word I knew before I came here! The real, proper meaning of the word has got nothing to do with what people here mean when they use it, and boy do they use it to describe everything weird and suspicious!)

I went star-gazing again last night! And saw shooting stars!

It was especially nice because when we went before it was with a group of about 10 people, but last night they wanted to catch a movie that we weren’t keen on watching so it was just two of us, and it was really dark and quiet and comfortable and you feel just so at peace with the world.

We went at 10.30 PM, and by the time we came back it was 2.30 AM. And we seriously would’ve stayed if it weren’t so damn cold and there wasn’t church the next day.

Initially I thought it was a Grinnell thing, to go star-gazing and all, because when we got here one of the sophomores kept telling us about it (and she was the one who brought us to that nice place on the golf course for star-gazing).

Then we found out that it wasn’t a Grinnellian thing, it was just us. Which is nice, ’cause it means we have that place to ourselves. And it’s a really nice place too, far away enough from the college and all the lights to see the stars, and there’s a lake there too, but then we’d have to go, “Okay, so how far is the lake?” because it’s so dark and no one wants to walk too far and fall into the water.

Star-gazing has become our little activity loh, especially if we need some quite time away from people.

I wish Malaysia had skies like the ones here!

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