Accent, or no?

Pop quiz! Chooi Yen speaks English: (a) with no accent(b) in a sing-song manner(c) with too many “like”s(d) none of the above(e) all of the above Answer? (e)! Can you imagine! We were talking about accents the other day, because all of us speak English with such different accents, and when someone mentioned how some […]


Lately the one phrase I’ve been hearing a gazillion times is, “What?! I am so jealous!“ It is so weird you know, everyone else here is SO BUSY this week because it’s mid semesters week, and I am absolutely free. I mean, it’s supposed to be so hellish a week that they have posted these […]

10/10 on 10/11

OHMYGAWD last night was CRAZY! There’s this HUGE campus party that they have every year called 10/10 that is essentially one big drinking fest. I heard it’s called 10/10 because back then the college had this pay system where the first paychecks of the academic year were issued on the September 10, so people pretty […]