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AHHHH I love the weekends! Especially one heck of a hellish week!

This past week I’d been sleeping no earlier than 2 a.m. everyday (and 4 a.m. on Thursday) to study for 3 exams and work on a project that required walking to the farthest end of the campus to look at and compare pre-human skulls.

Thursday night I was actually getting desperate, ’cause it was already 2 a.m. and I hadn’t finished doing the reading for my anthropology exam the next day, so I resorted to looking at Wikipedia pages on topics like Homo heidelbergensis and all that sort of stuff.

Stuff I will probably not ever need in real life, but damn interesting stuff nevertheless!

I was SO looking forward to sleeping after classes on Thursday, but then I got online and starting talking to mah hommies from back home and ended up not sleeping at all.

That’s the thing with Skype and MSN. You should never never NEVER sign into them if you know know KNOW you have something important you have to do. I mean, they’re the main reason I still wasn’t done studying by 4 a.m. the night of the exam.


There’s this Alternative Happy Hour thing that I went to on Friday, which is pretty much just a group of Grinnellians who go to Des Moines and interact with 5 to 12 year-olds who joined this after-school program.

It was so nice! We left at 5 and got back by 9, and it takes an hour of traveling each way, so we only really spent 2 hours there.

Lemme tell you this much, the kids are aggressive! One of my friends was pushed by this 9-year-old so hard she actually fell down on her back. The kids aren’t mean, yeah, they were just being playful, and we did take them to the playground.

But they were so adorable at the same time! Like, they’d keep putting us to jail, which basically entails being tied to a monkey bar with skipping rope. And they could put you in jail for anything, i.e. being older than them, having the wrong sort of laugh, being a freshman, and for doing nothing. Seriously, this boy put me in jail because I was “just standing there”.

Then there’s this tiny african american girl who suddenly came up to me and went, “Ni hao!” Turned out it was the only chinese phrase she knew, and she wanted to use it on me. Damn cute loh!

Anyway. I’ve been playing a lot of Mafia lately!

Like, a large group of us would gather at a lounge in one of the dorms and we’d play till 2 a.m. at night. It reminds me of when I used to play it back in Malaysia. Somehow it seemed a lot more fun back then loh.

But Saturday night we decided to play something different, so we had this game where everyone choose a name of a fruit, and gets a stack of cards. Then we reveal a card one at a time, and when someone opens a card that is the same as yours, you have to shout his fruit name before he shouts yours. That way, you get to collect his cards and the person who loses all of his cards is eliminated.

So everyone chose really common fruits, like strawberry, or pineapple, or banana. Then I stupidly go and choose durian (of course la, true blue Malaysian right!), and people were like, “What? What is that!”

So by the time they learned the fruit name, they remembered it pretty well, and it was such a distinctive name that every time I got the same card as someone they’d straight away go, “DURIAN!” while I would still be like, “Uhh kiwi? No, coconut! NO!!”

(Now more people know about the Absolutely Delicious, Positively Heavenly Fruit that is durian!)

I kept losing, and this girl kept donating her cards to me so that I could continue to play.

Cannot blame the wrong choice of name entirely also lah, because honestly I am also a very slow-reaction person.

Like what Fui would call, “Very lagging.”

One time we were playing this card game called Spoons, where we pass cards around and when someone gets 4 cards of the same number they reach out for a spoon, then everyone will also have to cepat-cepat grab a spoon, and the person without a spoon loses.

One time someone grabbed a spoon, and everybody’s hands just shot out for a spoon, and all I did was sit and stare. I just sat and looked at them grab spoons! One of my friends was like, “CHOOI! GRAB A SPOON!” and pushed a spoon towards me for me to grab.

Otherwise I would’ve lost. I’m always losing in games that require fast reactions.

I remember when Fui, ZiHui and I used to play Snap back in high school, and I never won. I never won! Fui almost always won. Her reaction damn fast loh.

* * * * *

Speaking of Fui, she sent me a super nice song with super nice lyrics that got me super emo. Thank you so much, I dunno what I’d do without you!

* * * * *

It’s so interesting (and damn fortunate for me) that I happened to find a group of people here who are so like me (or, so like the people I hang out with in Malaysia).

I mean, back in Malaysia, we’d know people who drink and go to clubs and get pissed drunk and all, but my friends and I, not being particularly interested in those things, would rather hang out without alcohol and have fun the good old-fashioned way.

Over here, the game is upped, obviously. These people don’t stop at partying and getting drunk, they go all the way to making out on the dance floor and having sex. And yet, on a Saturday night when half the campus is drunk at a Harris party where all the booze is sponsored by the college, I have a bunch of people I can watch Aladdin with and play card games with, and still have fun.

My roommate has been with 6 different guys since college started. There were several nights when she’d come back to the room in the morning, still in clothes from the night before. And when I say “been with 6 different guys”, I don’t mean been in a relationship with, I mean been staying overnight at his room and doing stuff together. Doing stuff.

Over here, getting a guy to spend the night with is not hard. You don’t have to be super attractive, you just have to be open and make yourself available. Alcohol works, too. Heck, you don’t even need to do anything, they just come to you. Like, you just have to go to a Harris party and there’d be guys, probably drunk, who come and put their arms around you and try to get you to dance. Every. Single. Time.

You just have to oblige, dance with them, do a bit of grinding, drink, grind some more (and boy do people here know how to grind!), make out a bit, and you pretty have him booked for the night.

I overheard my roommate telling her friend back in California that she’d been with 6 different guys, and I couldn’t tell if she was proud of it, but it did seem she said it in a braggy sort of way.

It’s ridiculous. Anyone can go out on a Saturday night and get a guy if they wanted to, it’s not something to brag about, in fact I’d be ashamed ’cause it just shows how easy you are. What sort of reputation would you get, being the girl whom every guy can have a shot at?

* * * * *

And for something completely different, my Oreos have gone soft because my roommate forgot to put the seal on down properly.

One Oreo packet here contains the equivalent of three tubes of Oreos from back home, so now I have to live with all that soggy Oreos.

Unhappy =(

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