not skilled to understand what he has willed


I just came back from bible studies 5 minutes ago. I mean, literally just got back to my dorm.

It just so happened that we were studying the book of Isaiah tonight, and then I came back to my room, went into GMail, and saw an inspirational email from a friend of mine, quoting a passage from, what else, Isaiah. So coincidental right?! And I feel so so much better after reading the email.

And just so coincidentally, before we ended tonight’s session, I was sharing with them how many a time when I needed a serious pick-me-up, someone would send me something inspirational right then.

It is almost hard to believe how these things happen at the perfect moment. Pretty amazing.

Like, one time I was out, and due to certain things that happened I was feeling uber shitty. And what happened was this person, whom I have sent text messages to less than 3 times since I’ve known him, sends me a text message out of the blue of a passage from the bible that somehow perfectly fitted the sort of situation I was in. Super unexpected, I’d never received any forwarded smses from this person before that day.

And it happened several times before, with regard to several different situations, with several different people; it was as though these people had been given the cue to send over something whenever I really really needed it.

All I want to say is, thank you, so so SO much. I dunno if you suddenly had the ‘urge’ to send that email, or if you were bored and randomly wanted to send something, but yeah, perfect timing.

It’s amazing how your emails always always come at the perfect time, with perfectly fitting contents.

And when I’m here alone during Christmas, I’ll find solace in knowing you wouldn’t have forgotten to remember me!


P/S. I didn’t realize I haven’t given anyone my Grinnell address. I remember typing it out in an email, but then I realized that was to my parents.


Chooi Yen Lim
Box 3885
Grinnell College
1115 8th Ave.
Grinnell, IA

That thoughtful friend of mine asked for it in the email, but since I realized I never told anyone, might as well write here la. Seems like I’m trying to hint something hor? But yeah, I AM HINTING SOMETHING!


No lah. Nothing lah.

I gotta stop here.

It’s pretty late, we were talking about useless stuff after it ended and I wanted to leave because I still have so much reading for tomorrow’s 8 a.m. class, but I didn’t know how to excuse myself, so stayed way longer than I expected to.

Then now I come online, saw the email, and proceeded to blog about it, waste damn lot of time.

Okay good night bye bye!

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