Happy joy

Eh eh eh.

You know, all along I thought that since I got work-study as part of my financial aid, I have to repay the college every time I get my pay check.

So today I went to the cashier’s office to ask them how to repay the college.

But but but. I found out today that I’d been wrong all along!

Damn happy!

So basically whatever I earn on campus is mine to keep!

I still don’t understand how the college gives us work-study as financial aid, then lets us keep the money, but I’m not complaining!

I can easily earn $150 every two weeks (RM525), which means that if I save the money I earn, I can actually pay for my plane ticket home next summer!

I am super happy you wouldn’t believe it!

I mean, part of the reason I was so upset when I wrote my last couple of posts was that I realize plane tickets to Malaysia are not cheap, at least not something my parents can fork out just like that. The cheapest I could find for a return ticket was RM7000. So the plan was for me to go home after two years.

So basically while my friends, even the international students, go home during winter this December, then summer next year, then winter next December, then again the next summer, I can only go back in the summer two years from now. That made me kind of depressed.

Now I know I can save money to balik, my parents no need pay even!


Now I am actually motivated to pick up more shifts. Right now I am actually under-worked, ’cause I’m lazy and am only working the absolute minimum number of hours.

Also, now I know why one of my friends went shopping and bought so much clothes and a designer handbag, and she was like, “It’s okay, I’ll be earning back whatever I spent from working.” Back then I thought it was a weird thing to say, ’cause I thought you had to repay the college with your earnings.

I am pretty curious loh, I mean, I know I’m saving my money for something, but for people who aren’t saving money for that thing, how do they spend the money? There’s this American who’s working 12 hours a week, which means she earns $200 every two weeks, that’s a lot of money for someone who’s in a college where every single event is free and your meals are already paid for.

Damn nice right, to earn that much money and be able to spend it however you want.

I know that if I weren’t saving money for my plane ticket, I’d most probably get an iPod Touch loh. I’m in that pathetic situation where I have a lot more music on my laptop than my iPod can carry, so every time I plug in my iPod to the computer I have deselect all my music, then reselect only certain songs I want for my iPod.

I completely regret buying my Macbook from Malaysia instead of getting it here loh, ’cause they had this promotion where they were giving away free 8GB iPod Touch. Somemore during that grueling 24-hour flight here I somehow managed to bang my laptop into something, so now there’s this uber ugly stain on the cover that I cannot remove.

I am still happy. I love this place, but I cannot wait till I get to go home in the summer!

Even more happy, the weekend is here! It seemed like Sunday was just yesterday, now it’s the weekend again. My tutorial professor is having a pumpkin carving session at his house, so we’ll see how that goes.

Wah, cannot believe I didn’t even fully understand my own financial aid. Who woulda thought something as small as this can make a whole world of difference, man.

Goodnight, world!

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