10/10 on 10/11

OHMYGAWD last night was CRAZY!

There’s this HUGE campus party that they have every year called 10/10 that is essentially one big drinking fest. I heard it’s called 10/10 because back then the college had this pay system where the first paychecks of the academic year were issued on the September 10, so people pretty much celebrate by, what else, drinking.

And man it was crazy! I mean, the entire campus just moves in large groups from one residence hall to another, drinking whatever beer and cheap vodka found there.

Then the highlight would be at the Mac field, where everyone gets a shot, then the entire campus counts down to 12 A.M. and downs their shot at the stroke of midnight. There were fireworks and everything, it was one huge campus-wide traveling drinking party!

The best (or horrible, depending on how you look at it) thing about this is that the college pays for all the alcohol. Grinnell is so damn rich (probably from ripping off students through the ridiculously expensive meal plans) that they sponsor all the alcohol for all the weekly Harris parties.

And seriously you have to see it to believe it. When we went out to join the party, it was already in full swing, and we were completely shocked to see such a humongous crowd outside of Younker residence hall, consisting mostly of drunk people.

My roommate got too drunk and didn’t even come back for the night. I met her when the traveling party was at Gardner lounge, it was an underground room so it was dark and I couldn’t really recognize people, but I saw this person waving damn frantically at me 10 feet away and it turned out to be my roommate, she was so high from alcohol it was so hilarious.

But her not spending the night in the room was nice because I got to stay up till 4.30 a.m. talking to my best friend on Skype! (One time it was really really late at night, which means afternoon in Malaysia, and I couldn’t talk in my room, couldn’t talk in the lounge because people were doing homework there, so I pretty much just walked around college in the middle of the night holding the laptop in front of me, talking and laughing loudly. I got so many weird looks!)

Oh and I carved my first pumpkin! My tutorial class went to my professors house for a pumpkin carving session. We had pumpkin pie and hot apple cider, it was pretty cool.

Everyone, other than myself and this girl from Ghana, has carved pumpkins before. But I think I did a pretty good job! It was interesting, my professor is a really really nice guy, but I always thought of him as pretty lembik, soft and defenseless like that, then I met his wife, who coaches the college’s volleyball team, and boy she does she look tough! She looked like she could easily kick his ass. Like, if they were in a danger situation, he’d hide behind her skirt and she’d be the one fighting evil. It was hard to imagine them together loh actually.

And they had this 5 year-old kid, so adorable!

One more week to fall break (which is a week long holiday in the fall).


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