Lately the one phrase I’ve been hearing a gazillion times is, “What?! I am so jealous!

It is so weird you know, everyone else here is SO BUSY this week because it’s mid semesters week, and I am absolutely free.

I mean, it’s supposed to be so hellish a week that they have posted these “How to cope with mid-sems stress” in the toilet cubicles so that you can read and enlighten yourself while you take a shit.

Like, the most extreme case I know is one guy who has 3 mid-sems and 4 papers due. If like that then I might as well die loh seriously.

I have no exams, no papers, I spent my entire tutorial lesson watching “Baby Mama” (starring Tine Fey), and both my Anthropology and Calculus class got canceled today.

I am so free I am actually bored.

I only have this French oral evaluation, which isn’t even a big deal ’cause it’s pretty much just like a casual conversation with my professor, so the only stress I have is trying to get out of bed at 7.30 a.m. knowing that it is super cold outside and my first class is at the farthest end of the campus.

But tak apalah, fall brreeeaak is here!

One week of holidays!

A lot of people are lucky enough to be able to go home/visit relatives in the US, people like me who have no where to go have to stay here loh.

Sigh, I have a brother in San Fransisco whom I don’t get to visit, sad right?

I think, during winter break when it goes to -20 degrees Celsius I will find somewhere, anywhere, to go, ’cause it’s only fall right now and already I feel like dying when I am outside.

This is so depressing. I’m SO going to miss the sun!

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