Gone with the Wind

Tak baik, sangat sangat tak baik!

I woke up this morning to the loudest, eeriest and yet most exciting wind howl evarrr.

The wind was so strong and howling so loudly it sounded like a combination of someone whistling into a microphone with the speakers turned up and someone revving up a motorcycle engine.

I went to lunch with the wind blowing so strong it felt like it was pushing me to hurry me up or something. You know in cartoons when the wind is strong those cartoon people would be clutching their coats, slanting forwards trying to go against the wind and it looked like the wind would blow them over any time?

Now it’s like life imitating cartoons, or something. The wind is THAT strong, and howling super eerily.

And the worst part is when you go out, obviously your hair will be blown till it flies out at all angles, then when you get into the building and try to straighten your hair up, it doesn’t work because there would be so much static electricity in your hair due to the cold weather.

The security office sent us all a “high wind warning” email saying that the wind tonight would go up to 70 mph. If you’re wondering, that’s 120 km/h! That’s faster than I averagely drive okay!

And they’re saying trees might fall any time, and that the temperature would go below freezing Monday morning.

So it has come. My first time experiencing subzero temperatures.

This is all pretty worrying, yet quite exciting at the same time!

You think the wind might blow me away? I was watching “The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh”, and in one scene the wind was so strong it was blowing Piglet away, and Pooh was holding onto Piglet’s scarf, and Pooh was pretty much flying Piglet like you would fly a kite.

It’d be so damn cool if the wind blew me away, over the clouds, to some enchanted place, like Munchkin-Land or wherever Dorothy ended up. Or to someplace called the Hundred Acre Wood! Where coincidentally a Pooh and a Piglet and an Eeyore and a Tigger lived!

I have to go now. Classes start tomorrow and I have not done anything this break.


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