First snow.

If I were to put this post under a label, it’d be under “Significant Days”. Oh man, it couldn’t be under anything else!

I owe it all to fate, seriously. I’ll tell you why in a bit.

We were coming out of the dining hall and getting our bags /coats when this girl I don’t know went, “You want to see snow? Go outside!”

Two of my friends started screeching and going, “AHHHH REALLY?!” while the rest of us stood there trying to digest that bit of information. I mean, seriously, snow? In October??

So all of us ran towards the nearest door, and all the while I was thinking, “No way, no way! It’s still not THAT cold yet!” Plus I looked through the glass doors and couldn’t see anything outside.

But then, but then!

My friend pushed the door open, and OMGOODNESS I saw it. SNOW!!!!

It was proper snow! Not the kind that is so light you couldn’t even be sure whether they were there, it was proper snow!

All of us were just screaming, we were so excited.

Seriously, I was just so happy. SO HAPPY. I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy over something this simple in a long time. I was so excited it felt like my chest was about to burst, had this tremendous urge to dance right there and then in the snow. I could tell right away it was a Moment, like when it hits you that life can be so Awesome. It was so beautiful, seriously.

So as we walked (or more accurately, skipped) back to our dorms, we were all laughing and going, “AHH snow!!” and just being super excited, then halfway through it hit me how cold it was.

Like, DAMN cold. My first time experiencing snow, and I was in t-shirt, jeans and a light sweater. Apa ini, of course cold la.

I had my first snow. Oh boy oh boy!

We were supposed to study tonight, you know la, last day of fall break, of course wait until Sunday night only start studying. But the excitement of the first snow in Grinnell was too much, we ended up hanging out in one of the rooms, looking / laughing at photos and Not-Studying.

So I’ll explain the fate part. I finished dinner, was supposed to go to my dorm to study. Just as we were leaving the dining hall, another one of my friends came in for dinner. I told her I’d sit with her for dinner, but me being the super greedy person that I am, I really only wanted to have a second round of food.

So my dinner ended up being 1 hour and 45 minutes long, and by the time I was done I looked like I was pregnant with a Food Baby. That’s what one of my friends say when you have a full, bloated stomach – having a Food Baby.

That was the only reason I even managed to see the snow loh really. ‘Cause if I had left with my friends earlier, I would’ve gone to my room, which is in the pit and thus is half underground, and I would’ve stayed there to study, and being half underground I would’ve totally missed the snow.

Who woulda thought right, that my gluttony actually came in good use for once. Caught the first Grinnell snow. Well worth the Food Baby (and the unfinished homework)!

It wasn’t just us who were excited though (even though half of the “Us” I referred to had snow from where they come from), all of Grinnell were pretty excited. We’d get people going, “Did you see the snow??”

My roommate was pretty bummed about missing the snow. So while Chooiyen is excited over her first non-Genting-Snow-House snow EVER, other people are excited over the first snow of the year in Grinnell. Some people are unhappy about it though (at least that’s what I gather from the many, many snow-related Facebook status), but then again those are the jaded people who have seen snow a billion times and know that it does not make sense and is NOT a good sign to have snow as early as October.

And so it has come. It snows for 6 months in Grinnell (half a year, no joke man, it snows during what is supposed to be spring), so now I shall have to say bye-bye to the sun and natural warmth and non-windy days. I shall not be able to wear flip-flops anymore, and that bums me out because I am lazy and shoes/boots take too much time to put on when you are two minutes away from being late for class.


And to keep up with all the Happy Happenings, my friend who went to California to visit her relatives (at OC man, super rich!) came back last night, and guess what she got me?


Seriously, I was so surprised, I vaguely remember mentioning Maggi during dinner something like a month and a half ago, it was so nice that she remembered!

I only have 5 packets, so have to eat really sparingly lor.

I am happy now!

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