Trois chose à dire

I have only three things to say –

1) I have gained 6.5 kilograms in 3.5 months. Yeahhhh you read that correct, 6.5 in 3.5! Before coming here, I used to read about Freshman 15 (gaining 15 pounds in your first year), and I’d go, “Eeeeh I eat a lot in Malaysia also don’t have gained too much weight, mm sai kaeng la!”, who would’ve thought I’d gain my 15 even before the first semester is over. My weight has now officially hit the 5-0 mark for the first time! (At first I was like, “YESSS!!”, and then it continued going up and I was like, “Uh-oh!” LOL.)

Truth: Every single female friend I have here gained weight.

Another truth: I gained the most weight amongst them. My weight-gain makes people go “REALLY?!”

Another truth: I don’t care. I may start actually regulating my diet (which means no cheddar+provolone+swiss cheese filled tortillas after dinner) (maybe!) (BUT THEY TASTE SO DAMN GOOD!), but I’m not going to make myself go hungry. I may start going to the gym more often, but only after I’ve had my afternoon nap. And I will not forgo cheeeeeese!

(I’m not complaining. I hate it when people sendiri eat so much, and then complain about their weight. “I am SO FAT!!!” I also hate it when people see a lot of imaginary fat on themselves, and then complain to the whole world, on their blogs or Facebook or something. “OMG my arms so FAT.”)

(I don’t see imaginary fat on myself LOL.)

2) I got an 89 on my Anthropology exam.

How can?! How caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnn?!?!?!??!?!

ONE frickin’ point away from an A! This is the same Anthropology exam I wrote about in my last post, the one in which I was doing so badly that the professor saw my empty page and gave me extra time when everyone else has left!

The one where I where I wrote crap just to fill the page because I didn’t want to hand in a paper with an empty essay question (especially when I’ve had more time than anyone else to work at it)!

What happeeeeeeeeeeeeeeened?!?!?!

I also dunno. Turned out that crap stuff I wrote was correct after all. When I got my paper I was like O.O (eyes wide open).

(Okay la to be fair to myself, I’m not completely stupid. I do know my stuff, and I ran out of time because I spent too much time on another essay question, for which I got full marks yay!)

And I also got back my French oral evaluation, oral production and written assignment today. I got “excellent travail!” and “très bien!” comments on them, so menggembirakan right! And so an A is within reach, as long as I don’t screw up my finals next week.

Which brings me to Thing I Want To Say no.3 –

3) I have finals next week. Three finals, plus two papers that are due on the day I have my first final exam.

This week, the week before finals, is Hell Week. This is when people are supposed to go crazy from all the final papers that’re due this week.

Grinnell’s Christian Fellowship has this thing going on where they cook pancakes at 3 AM for people staying up late working. You must be thinking, who the heck so noble, willing to make pancakes for everyone on campus during Hell Week!

Me. I am so noble, I agreed to work two shifts.

Okay not really, I agreed to work two shifts but ended up not turning up at either shift (with prior notice of course).

Know why? Because when I signed up for shifts, I thought I was free. When people ask how my Hell Week is, I say, “I am so relaxed! I have so little work!”

Then I actually started working and suddenly all these work that was formerly unnoticed by me became Super Big Work. One paper I thought was going to be easy turned out to be a Super Hard Paper that took me 10 hours to work on, and I still have a quarter of it left. I’ve been working at the lounge till 4 AM for the past few days, and there were four other people there with me, all of us typing away at our laptops.

Okay, if I claim to be so busy then why am I on Blogger?

Because I came back from class, had an hour before I go for lunch, and such In-Between Times are always Time-To-While-Away-Doing-Nothing, they are never, never Productive Times.

Okay, don’t expect an update until finals week is over lah har.

Okay, bye bye.

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