Oh dear, oh deary dear!

I am so so so so embarrassed!

I’m at the Spencer Grill, I have my laptop with me, I’m working on my paper. People here are quietly munching on food, working on their paper / studying for their exams. Then there are the few people who’re so happily discussing begitu loudly.

So, I have my iPod on, loud enough to not hear anything happening around me.

And. And. And.

I just realized that the iTunes on my Macbook was on, happily blasting music!

Somemore here I am talking about people discussing begitu loudly.

Oh my, oh my oh my.

Lesson learnt: If you’re going to be listening to a separate music player, mute your darn laptop! The last thing you want is to visit one of those sites that have annoying background music and have everybody in the room (but you) hear it!

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