And it’s not so bad, not so baaaad

So this is it.

Final exams are finally over, and winter break has officially started.

Tomorrow morning the residence halls will be closed to anyone who didn’t sign up for winter break housing, and almost all my friends will be leaving to the airport at some ungodly hour like 6AM or something.

There will be people here, but it’ll mainly be super quiet.

But you know what, I’m feeling good. I feel the love!

I came back to my room right after my French exam, and saw that one of my friends had pinned up this beautiful tribal necklace for me on my notice board.

Another friend, knowing that the dining hall will be closed this winter, brought me one of those huge shopping bags filled with food like packets and packets of SunChips (YAY!), instant oatmeal, some Indian snacks, microwave popcorn, cream cheese packets and Twizzlers (which I think tastes like hard rubber, but nevermind).

And another girl, one of the sweetest person I know, baked me one of those Tupperware containers full of M&M cookies. To make me feel better about not going home for Christmas. (People here LOVE their M&M cookies! They’re basically normal, fat cookies with M&M’s in them. Damn nice!)

So you know, even though I won’t be home for Christmas, even though people won’t be back in Grinnell in time for my birthday, I’m feeling good.

People are so nice over here, and I’m feeling damn good.

We were all hugging and saying our goodbyes (weird right, apart for one month only what), when one of my friends who’s going back to Egypt went, “Oooh I’m gonna miss you guys SO much! I really can’t wait till we come back and do something REALLY crazy together!”

And that, pretty much sums up how I feel.

I’ve made plans to go grocery shopping with the few people who are also staying for winter break, and we’re gonna cook together.

And some time next week, I’ll move into my friends’ dorm, where there are more people staying, so I won’t have to stay on my floor alone.

And I’m going to my host parents’ house to bake cookies and make Christmas candies.

Damn, what was I complaining about before this? Staying in Grinnell for Christmas ain’t gonna be so bad afterall!

(Actually it’s not the “staying in Grinnell” part that I was complaining about, it was the “not being able to go home” part that upset me. Grinnell is a fine place. I’m glad to just be here.)

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