Is my Direction?

This is so men-dilemma-kan!

I have no idea what classes to take. I have no idea what classes to take. I have no idea what classes to take!

I emailed a Sociology professor a week ago to ask if I can join her Intro class.

She replied half an hour ago.

What is this!

A week of classes have already gone by, I already fell in love with my Philosophy class, I already bought $102 worth of art supplies for my painting class, and I am for sure sticking to French and Psychology.

So the question is, do I drop my art class, forget about my OMG-so-expensive oil paints/brushes/canggih-art-stuff-that-I-never-used-before, and pick up Sociology?

No point right, if I don’t want to major in Sociology. I can always take that class later on what.

But do I want to major in Sociology?

Do I?

Do I???

It is very me-mafan-kan, when you have no idea what your major would be, and are trying to cram all the introductory classes of your potential-major in your first year.

I think it’s time.

It’s time I made up my mind about what I freaking want to do with my life.

It’s completely ridiculous that I am already 20, older than almost all of my friends back in Malaysia, and am still the only one who hasn’t committed to a certain field.

I mean, c’mon wei, people already a quarter of the way to becoming dentists/accountants/whatever, I am still freaking trying to decide between art or sociology intro classes?!

I need direction, man.

I so need to make up my mind.

(Okay someone tell me, if I go back to Malaysia as a sociology major, you think can find job or not? Do you think people want to hire?)

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