Wanna see something shocking?

Want something to make your eyes widen kao kao and to make you go “WTF WTF OMG OMG!!!”?

Want your heart to start palpitating wildly until you drop on the floor writhing?

Then check this out.

That is a snapshot of two comments made on my intro to sociology class punya wiki page.

We were comparing the impact and details of different disasters, like the 9/11 attacks, Hurricane Katrina, the Asian Tsunami, and the Buffalo Creek dam break (relatively smaller scale, and the effects of which we are studying in class).

I was shocked beyond words when I read this, so I asked my roommate, who’s from San Francisco, if she has ever heard of the Tsunami. She said no.

This is about as egocentric as people can get.

It makes this especially worse when research has shown that the Tsunami, in the first 6 weeks alone (!!), got more media attention than all of the top 10 emergencies of the world combined.

And to not have heard of it?

Don’t know much about it nevermind, but to not even KNOW it happened??


Tell me it doesn’t make you sick.

And if that isn’t bad enough, let me tell you a little anecdote about the ignorance of some college-going Americans.

An American asked my Korean friend whether she was from North or South Korea. Then proceeded to validate his sheer ignorance by asking, “Which one is the bad side again?”

Puke blood.

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