‘Cause you had a Bad Day


Last night someone said something that made me realize I am 20.25 years old now. Twenty-and-one-quarter years old!

One person I was talking to had just turned 19, the other is about to turn 19.

Again, haih. I don’t like being older than most people in my year.

Coincidentally hor, today this girl I know is also turning 20. This is a big deal because a few months ago this same girl was laughing at people who were turning 20.

But today, look who’s no longer a teen now!

Happy 20th birthday Li-Ann!

(Btw it is still 29th here so I am not late!)

Hope you had a wonderful birthday! The next time you celebrate your birthday it’ll be in a faraway land right, it’s going to be so different.

So unbelievable huh, how far we have come from being the stupid, childish 14-year-olds that we once were? Now we are 20-year-olds capable of living halfway round the world without our parents.

So yes, happy birthday, and brace yourself for the amazing, exhilarating year ahead!

* * * * *

Good years and bad days.

So while I wish Li-Ann have the former, I’m having the latter.

Oh my gawd wouldn’t you believe it.

Last night I stayed up late with a friend, trying to finish my psychology paper and do my philosophy reading.

This morning during psychology class, I had my laptop on pretending to be taking notes, but was in fact reading a summary of Kant on SparkNotes (because when you have not finished your reading for a class, SparkNotes’ summaries are the best only way to go!)

But because I didn’t get much sleep and was so tired, I was half reading, half nodding off. And because there are only 20 people in my psychology class, the professor definitely noticed.

Okay so nevermind. Psychology class over. I was so tired it was getting impossible for me to even keep my eyes open. So I decided, what the heck, I’ll just skip philosophy class, go to bed for an hour, and wake up for my sociology class (ironic, since I stayed up late reading for philosophy class in the first place).

My alarm rang, I woke up, rushed to the building where my sociology class was, and saw my friend who’s in the same class walking out. I was like, “What, are you skipping class? Is class canceled?!

You should’ve seen his face, his eyes opened so wide! His reply?

Class ended 5 minutes ago.

And then this other girl very helpfully added, “Yeah, it’s noon now.

HOMG, I slept through my entire class.

If I was another person, I would’ve hurt myself so bad. Sociology class is not something you’d wanna miss, because absence without a valid reason results in… grade reduction.

Sigh sigh sigh.

So okay nevermind. I decided to skip lunch to go back to bed (I was that tired loh), and when my alarm went off I thought I had woken up, but apparently I hadn’t because when I finally DID wake up, it was from my friend’s phone call, telling me to get to the science building now because psychology lab has started.

So wanted to kick myself.

Eventually I got to lab, and now I know I will not get an A in psychology because not only do I fall asleep in class in front of the professor, I was also late for lab. On the same day. Not good impression.

So now psychology professor has a bad impression of me, I’m probably getting a grade reduction for sociology, and I missed philosophy so I still don’t know what the heck Kant is talking about.

Not a good day at all.

And French? Je n’aime pas mon professeur francais. Il est un pain-in-the-ass.


Eighteen more days to go.

Finals happening in two weeks, it’s going to be hell, but still, it’s only 18 days till I get home.

Must. Tahan.

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