Ironed hair make life good, you say no?


I haven’t been blogging much, and now people have started visiting this garlicky site less and less.

Did you realize it has gotten so bad, that I only had one post in the month of June? One post!

This thing’s like a step-daughter – neglected;
like an attic – no one really goes there;
like the corners of a ceiling – all cob-webby and hardly cleaned;
like the seat belts in the backseat of a Malaysian car before the seat belt ruling was enforced – totally unused and forgotten about;
like the skin of a halved lime after having the lime juice squeezed into your laksa bowl – put aside and left there by its lonesome self.

My blogging mood/inspiration left me for a bit, I just need to wait for it to return.

But in its absence, I will leave you with a very uninspired, unoriginal, this-is-my-day-here-is-what-happened post!

* * * * *

Okay today my sister and I went to get our hair done.

The girl who was washing my hair saw my nose piercing and my sister’s tattoo, and went, “Wah, your mom must be very liberal! How come your high school let wan?”

Shot number 1! I am a rising college sophomore! How can I look like a high school kid when I graduated from high school THREE years ago!

So after that she began talking about silly high school rules, rules on things like earrings and socks and hairbands. And the compulsory attendance of school events like Sports Days.

Then she went, “You must be an athlete in high school hor. I see your legs so strong and ber-muscle. You run very fast right?”

WAH shot number 2!

I have thunder thighs and fat calves. I know they are not muscles because while they are big-sized, they are as flabby as the next person who eats and doesn’t bother to workout!

I shouldn’t have worn shorts. Even then, no need to comment on my big legs mahhhh. I mean, if you see a woman with a larger-than-average belly, do you just go and say, “Wah, so how many months already ah?” What if the woman just has an unusually bloated tummy?

Then she also kept commenting on what a thick head of hair I have, and made it sound like it’s a an unfortunate predicament to be in. Sigh, I went to have my hair fixed, and ended up having to pretend to laugh at the numerous, numerous unfunny jokes about my heavy hair.

I always get that when I go for haircuts. The “Wah so much hair ah!” ‘s and the “You really got a lot of hair hor?” ‘s. But frankly, I think having thick hair is much better than having thin hair loh. The obvious con of thick hair is having to put up with chatty hairdressers who tell you that you have thick hair. As if you don’t already know.

Anyway, I got my hair straightened again. And now it looks super flat.

I really hope it grows out of the flat stage before I go back to college loh. ‘Cause otherwise they’d realize it’s not natural, which is bad ’cause I have managed to dupe everyone there into thinking that I have naturally straight, silky thick hair. (And managed to get a few highly undeserved compliments along the way!) I have no intentions of letting everyone know they are as fake as the ridiculous “Indian thosai” that the college sometimes serve on international foods night.

I suspect this must be how celebrities feel when they refuse to admit to having had plastic surgery.

Alrighty. Next time you see me I will most likely look very odd with my flat hair. Just be nice and don’t comment on it, thank you.

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