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So in the papers today, there was a report on the first locally transmitted A(H1N1) death. And they quoted an official telling us that we “must” go to a hospital if we exhibit flu-like symptoms and if tested positive for A(H1N1), we hafta take some sort of medicine, I dunno lost interest by then.

Like damn big thing right, must go hospital if you have the flu.

Well, a couple of days ago I had the flu. High fever, severe, throbbing headache, horribly scratchy, ridiculously sore throat. Standing made my head throb like crazy, so basically I slept the entire day because that was the only state in which I wasn’t crazy uncomfortable.

I went to a clinic, ’cause I didn’t know so big deal must go to a hospital la.

My mom was with me, and when she asked if I needed to test for The Flu, the doc asked if I had been in direct contact with anyone who’d had the A(H1N1) flu, or been quarantined, or if I’d visited a severely infected country.

I said no. He said then no need test loh.

But I’ve been to very public places for the past 3 days wor, I said.

It’s okay, I’ll give you medicine for your fever and sore throat, don’t worry, he said.

And so I took my meds, went home, slept and slept some more.

Now I’m a lot better la, just a bit of sore throat left. I miss my sexy sultry voice when I had a full-blown sore throat maaaan.

This post actually has no point.

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