Lately I’ve been ridiculously tempted to pay for web hosting service. I hate being so tempted to spend money unnecessarily.

Yahoo! GeoCities have sent us an email saying that they are terminating their free hosting service.

… after October 26, your GeoCities files will be deleted from our servers, and will not be recoverable.

What do I do with my old website now?

My nine-year-old baby leh!

I am damn sad lah, I have pages created in 2001, now they’re just going to delete them. Wanna download them onto my computer means losing the “2001” date stamp, that one is what’s valuable wor! Shows that I made my first site when I was 12 wor!


I miss having a website. A real internet home, you know?

Not just a blog, but a site with an index page and internal links leading to many odd corners and various crannies within my site. Like an actual 3-dimensional world, as opposed to the very flat, 1-dimensional blog that I have now.

There are SO many possibilities to an online home, you don’t have to be limited to your daily rants typed into that tiny text area under Blogger’s “Edit Posts” tab.

I think I kind of want that again.

SIGH I miss the times when there was no Plurk or Twitter and tagboards were still very obscure, and the only way for visitors to leave comments were through the guestbook.

HAIH I used to always remind people to sign my guestbook.

I am super tempted to create my little home again.

But at the cost of at least RM150/year? PLUS the cost of my own domain name?

I dunno man.

RM150 per year can be used to buy a lot of stuff.

Paid hosting or not?


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