Browser rant

After many, MANY hours staring at CSS codes in TextWrangler, saving my documents every 5 minutes after every small change I make to them, I think I am allowed to say this —

The whole world should use Fire-freaking-Fox!


At the very least, people who are using IE 6 should update to IE 7 lah!

People who are using IE 7 should just go ahead and download the best browser in the world, Firefox.

People who are using IE 5, IE 4 and all that crap, WEI YOU SERIOUS OR NOT??

Did you know that, other than for obvious reasons like better security, a newer browser version means showing web pages the proper way!

I dunno why every time you read about a CSS code and you think it’s useful for your page layout, you always find a paragraph that goes “This does not work on Internet Explorer, you need to carry out a hack blablabla…”

I find it a pain in the ass to switch from Firefox to Safari on my Mac, then again to Internet Explorer on the desktop. Just to see if a certain code works.

How I know that there are people still using very old versions of browsers leh?

Because my visitor stats thingie tell me so.

(There’s also a single Opera user, which I find sort of adorable. I don’t know anyone else who browses the net with Opera LOL. Eh shout-out a bit in my chatbox, can ah?)

Okay yea, go update your browser okay?

(I’m not kidding, there are a lot of things that IE 6 would read incorrectly. And web designers don’t have to go, “Now, what can I do to make IE 6 show this correctly?”)

Better yet, go download Firefox okay?

If nothing else, at least the gazillion add-ons take you a huge leap closer to internet-browsing heaven.

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