Around this time every semester, I’d go on YouTube and look for videos of cute kids, so that I could watch and re-watch them over finals week whenever I need a break from studying.

I don’t know why I do it though. I mean, watching kid-videos when you’re neck-deep in schoolwork only ends up reminding you what a comparatively undesirable/stressful “adult” life you have.


Stress-relief video of Fall ‘09:

So cute kan!

At first I thought it was kind of creepy, the faces he made. Then I realized he just had a nose itch and didn’t want to interrupt his playing.

I think by the time Friday rolls along (OMG cannot wait!), I will have watched this so many times that I can memorize his facial expressions.

Last semester, I watched the video below so many times I could actually sing along. (Actually, you don’t have to watch it. Even though at the time I found it humongously funny / adorable, it is actually less amusing than I thought it to be. I know so because none of my friends were enthusiastic when watching it, and because watching it again now I’m like, whattheheck why did I find this so entertaining?!)

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