More than just okay

I am in a very happy mood todayy!!


There was vegetable on ciabatta for lunch, best sandwich ever! Load on the mayonnaise, amazinggggg!


I finally declared my major this afternoon! FINALLY!

Rite of passage: Looking yourself up on the school directory and seeing you’re no longer labelled “Undeclared”!

You guys need to know how much this means to me! I am seriously the ONLY person I know who still has not yet commit to a particular field. Everyone who’s doing dentistry or accounting or whatever has already commit to that. Even my younger sister is in college and doing something. Me? All the while I have been lingering around different areas, dabbling in this and that, putting off actually declaring my major.

During SPM, I would think, nevermind, pre-U still can decide what I want to do. During SAM, I’d think, nevermind go to liberal arts college still can decide. When I first came, I thought, nevermind second semester of second year only need to decide. Thing is, I can clearly picture what I would be doing 10, 20 years down the road, but I never knew what to study or what to do to get there. Nothing that was offered in Malaysia seemed like the appropriate first step. That’s why making up my mind was so hard.

Now I am sure this is it. I loooooooove what I’m studying, and now, at 21 years of age, I’m so EXCITED to finally be able to say I am officially a sociology major! (Everybody now: WOOT!)

Future career, I am coming!


I got back my exams and mid-term papers that were due right before spring break.

I am super happy with my results!

Mostly because I was expecting the worst when I handed them in.

Especially happy with my country development report. When I turned it in, I honestly thought it was a shitty paper, because as I was writing my conclusion I realized that I didn’t have enough evidence. But too late lah, already writing the darn conclusion what. But by some miracle, I am the only person in class to get an A! People were asking my professor about rewrites, and he said that he generally doesn’t give A’s to students often. He also wrote on my paper that my arguments “exceed expectations”, and he even thanked me (YES THANKED ME!!) for writing a paper that was a pleasure to read. Seriously!! That is by far the best A for a paper I’ve ever gotten!

Before the break, I’d also spent a shitload of time on my French paper, and by the time I started work on my sociology exam paper, I realized time was seriously dwindling. So I emailed my professor for an extension till midnight that day (he was reluctant but what to do, I seriously cannot finish what). So after 5pm that day, after all classes had officially ended, everyone was going crazy, being in the spring break holiday mood, but there I was, hunched over my laptop, with my mountains of papers and books, trying to write a paper and operating on less than 10 cumulative hours of sleep from the previous 3 nights.

I didn’t think I wrote a crazy good paper, and I thought he was going to penalize me for being late. But he didn’t. He said I wrote a good paper and gave me an A. I am happy!

I also did well on that French paper, my economics exam and my economics journal. Now I feel like all that pre-break suffering was actually worth it.

That night that I was cooped up in the classroom writing my paper, it finally hit me that I never, never would survive college without help from my friends. Seriously.

One friend came in with a Subway sandwich, because she knew I had no time to go out to eat. My roommate came later with a take-away box of fried rice from the Chinese restaurant. They stayed to accompany me for a bit, even though it was freaking beginning of break and no normal person should be in a classroom! I was feeling so warm and fuzzy that night.

The printer in the building was not accessible, so I had to send it aaalll the way to the printer in the dorm. My friend was the one who delivered the paper all the way to me, close to midnight, when it was snowing!

The academic buildings are locked during the break, so my friend was the one who went around all the doors trying to open them, then waited for someone from inside to come out so that she could wedge the door with something to keep it open, so that I could enter the building later to turn in my late paper. And it was snowing at that time!

I owe them so much.

Last year when I had to leave for the summer, me being me, I packed super last-minute. My friends stayed with me during my last hours here, when I was still frantically cleaning my room and stuffing things into storage boxes. I wasn’t done when the cab came at 4AM, so it was my friends who did the final cleaning up, and them who lugged my large bags of garbage to the dump as I was already happily on my way to the airport.

It’s not that they helped me with something I’m doing, rather, they were the ones doing MY shit-work instead of me. I didn’t do anything. They didn’t have anything to earn, either.

I actually feel well-taken care of.


Someone complimented me. That makes me happy.

I’m ignoring the fact that the above two statements make me seem superficial.

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