I have been sick for the past week. Been having coughing fits every 10 minutes, I cannot stand it!!

A couple nights ago when I was talking to my mom, it got so bad that I couldn’t even finish a sentence without coughing loudly a gazillion times.

I got a girl sick because she asked if she could drink my coconut juice and I said yes and totally forgot that I am sick so she drank from my straw. She then kept blaming me for it (“CY!! Aaarrgghhh why didn’t you tell me?!?”), but I said I was sorry, damnstupidgirl. I dislike her.

I know I’m going to get another guy sick because yesterday I left my smoothie on the table and he drank half of the entire cup through my straw. This would not be my fault because he drank my smoothie without telling me. Then he tried to make up for the small amount of remaining smoothie by pouring in fruit punch.

RM13-per-cup peach-mango smoothie made up for with cheap RM6-per-gallon fruit punch from WalMart whaththeheck!!

But you know what it quite amazing? Let me tell you.

The day after I talked to my mom, I woke up with the worst sore throat ever. I couldn’t speak without my voice breaking in the most embarrassing way.

But as if that by itself is not bad enough, we were having our YGB concert that day!

Big day for all of us, we practiced all semester for this, and now when the day had arrived I had to be sick! If my voice breaks when I talk, how in the world was I going to SING?

But then during lunch my friend made me drink hot green tea, and two hours later when the concert started, I sung. I was able to sing when two hours earlier I couldn’t even speak!!

That is seriously quite amazing.

The energy that day was quite amazing, too.

By the last song, we were all dancing on stage. Seriously! Not just clapping hands, swaying from side to side, but actually dancing! And almost everyone in the audience were on their feet!

* * * * *

The other day, my friend from Ghana asked me out of the blue, “Do you know karate?” Like, we were just sitting around when he suddenly ask me.

I said no, because I obviously don’t. Then I was like, “YOU THINK ALL ASIANS KNOW MARTIAL ARTS?!?”

I tell you, one of the most fun things about being a minority (if you can even call yellow-skinned a minority — damn chinese, they’re everywhere!) is that you can pretend to be offended at remarks that weren’t really racist to begin with.

So then he was like, NO NO! He said he used to learn karate from an instructional show back in Ghana, and that show is very bizarrely made in…… Malaysia.

Then he tried saying the title of the show, which was apparently a Malay word, but he said it so weird I couldn’t figure out what it was.

After a few tries, we finally figured out that it is called “Mahaguru”.

Mahaguru WTF! Malaysian karate show in Ghana! So bizarre okay!

He said that was why he thought a lot of Malaysians know karate.

Product buatan-Malaysian all in way in Africa!

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