My airport betta than urs

It’s already 3:14 AM, and I still have half a French essay to write, 10 pages of a French play to read, and some reading for my Global Development Studies class to do. All for tomorrow.

And I am incredibly tired.


I just spent the past 1.5 hours listening to my friend talk about the Japan/South Korea/China conflict. Summarized: They hate each other, and he dreams of changing that by making changes in the education system and media.

Grandiose dreams. Sometimes kind of scary, the way he is so into it.

It is also kind of scary how last weekend when he got drunk, he started talking about this same topic again, and was like, “No, I have to do it. I HAVE TO DO IT!!” As though we are telling him to don’t go rescue his mother like that.


Yesterday during dinner, a bunch of us were talking about the best airports in the world. I was proud to announce that Kuala Lumpur International Airport is the 4th best airport in the world.

It was an exciting piece of news that my roommate and I found out when we were Googling to see whose airport, hers or mine, is better. (Obviously hers. She’s from South Korea. Incheon Airport is numero uno in the mundo.)

(I hang out with enough Koreans –and am learning Korean!– to figure this out: Koreans can kick yo ass!)

So I shared this exciting tidbit about the amazing KLIA at the dinner table, only to have some Floridan kid shoot back, “What?! Oompa Loompa Airport??”

Kuala Lumpur. Oompa Loompa.


* * * * *

That same Japanese friend I mentioned above used to think that Malaysians don’t wipe our butts but instead wash with water straight after pooing.

Hmm now I think about it maybe that was why he hesitated when we first met and I put my hand out for a shake LOL

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