Packing for UK and Japanese dude

This is not a good situation to be in!

It is now 12:22 AM, I’m leaving for the airport at 7:30 AM, and I cannot start packing yet.

I need to wash the clothes that I want to take with me. But I can’t because my brother already loaded his clothes in the washing machine. Then I need to wait for him to dry his clothes before I can even start washing mine, because there is only one power outlet so the washer and the dryer cannot function simultaneously.

Damn sienn. No need to sleep the whole night.

What’s also really bad is the fact that I’ll be in London for almost 4 weeks, but I have almost no proper clothes to wear =(((((((

Back when I was in college, my mom kept nagging at me to bring less clothes home, because last summer when I was flying back to the US my luggage was waaay overweight ’cause I obviously did some shopping when I was home.

So since I have to be super selective on what I bring home, I chose to pack a bunch of summer clothing that I hardly get to wear in freaking cold Iowa. I did NOT realize properly that it is quite hard to do enough shopping for proper clothes in the 1.5 weeks between my arriving in Malaysia and my leaving for UK.

So now all I have are 3 t-shirts, 3 long-sleeved tops, and a whole bunch of summer dress tops that do not go with the ONE jacket I brought home. Not entirely appropriate for London weather I don’t think!

And only 2 pairs of jeans. Woot.

Everything else I brought home are entirely inappropriate for traveling. Work clothes and skirts. A couple of dresses.

Did you know, that living in the mid-west, well-known for its unmerciful winters, for almost two years has NOT at all upped my tolerance for the cold? I am still the first person in any room to complain of the air-conditioning being set too cold / heater not set high enough.

Okay I don’t know what the weather in the UK is, but the weather website says it has been hovering just under 20 degrees lately. That is an incredibly annoying temperature for any weather to be stuck in, and now I only have that ONE jacket that looks weird with half of my clothes.

I do not like.

I guess I could buy stuff when I get there, but I am super stingy with money now. I don’t suppose there will be anything particularly cheap there? Haih.

I dunno why, but I’m not super excited about going or anything. I’m not, “Oh YAY I’m going!!”, but more like, “Oh. Okay lah, go lah.”

I think I want to kind of stay at home for a little while longer. I got home 1.5 weeks ago only! I am feeling super lazy.

I don’t feel like waiting 1.5 hours for my clothes to wash, 1 hour for it to dry, then start packing them.

I want to lie in bed all day and watch movies on my computer.

I still have so much stuff to do actually. I still have 6 emails to reply damnnnn.

One of them is going to be suppperr looong and would require suppperrr a lot of research, because my friend from Japan wants to know more about Malaysia. It all happened one day when we decided to do homework together, because he saw me at 12 AM one night browsing Facebook when in fact I should be working on my stupid paper. So we figured studying together would keep each other in check. Sad to say, it proves us young adults still need this sort of babysitting, because it actually worked and I became completely focused on my paper.

Or as focused as having a companion in the room to chat with would allow. We ended up talking about a lot of things. He’s an anthropology major, and I’m a sociology major, so we’re studying very similar things. A lot of times we end up discussing social science stuff LOL.

One of the most interesting discussions we had consisted of him trying to convince me that coming to Grinnell has helped him break down the gender stereotypes that he had, and me trying to prove to him that he is more sexist than he would like to believe.

It was a really, really funny conversation, because as we (me and another guy) gave examples of how he still subscribed to the stereotypes of masculinity/femininity, he kept opposing us by explaining (attempting to, anyway) how that is not a gender discrimination thing. And then finally, during another of our examples, we managed to catch him proving himself wrong. The moment he realized it, he stopped mid-sentence, stared at us wide-eyed, and went, “OH SHIT. I AM SO SEXIST!!”

My personal Classic Grinnell Moment.

Up there along with the classic line, “Oh look! *Points at girl* There’s a chicken swimming in your stomach.” Said by a Ghanaian guy during lunchtime. It was so random, none of us knew how to respond to that.

Anyway. Along the way we have had discussions on racism and nationalism. And, one time when he commented on how the chubby guy in Super Junior (Korean boy-band) should not be in Super Junior because he is too chubby, we had a short discussion on sizeism. (LOL that is why I love social science majors, specifically sociology/anthropology majors, because we can have discussions of all these -isms that never end up going anywhere.)

So one time we were talking about nationalism, and we ended up talking about Malaysia. Then after that he sent me a shockingly long email with a gazillion questions and a gazillion more links (twelve, actually), all in an attempt to know more about Malaysia.

He found things I didn’t even know about. Like some dispute over the ownership of 7 islands, with China and Taiwan on one side, and Brunei, Philippines and Malaysia on the other. He asks how is the situation in 2010 (um, I don’t know?) Then relationship between Malaysia and Japan. Also, he wondered why Malaysians say they are living in ethnic “harmony” when there is so much racial tension (I would like to know also!). And finally there was the classic question, one that confuses almost every non-Southeast Asian I meet — “What is Malaysian?” People get really confused when I say “Malaysian” is not a race.

So that email was 2 months ago. I seriously need to start reading the links and answer his questions.

I am actually really proud that someone thinks Malaysia is interesting enough to do all this research on it. I mean, one time when a friend made a passing comment about thinking of visiting Malaysia, another friend went, “But why would you want to go there?”

Uh, hello? Because it has amazing food, and is overall Damn Cool?

Anyway. How did I get here? I think my going-off-tangent skillz are super ballerz.

Okay, I am still waiting for my laundry. But I have to start packing now. Bye!

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