Summer wine

So I am here, at home, slouched on the sofa with my laptop on top of my… well, lap.

I’ve just finished mopping the entire house because today is Friday, also unofficially known in my house as Cleaning Day.

Now I have nothing to do.

That’s been going through my mind a lot lately: What can I do today? Should I go out today? What interesting thing will take place today?

And then I log onto Facebook, and I see uploaded pictures of my college friends doing internships in exotic places, and I read updated statuses with many, many “!!!!!!” exclaiming how absolutely amazing so-and-so country is, and I feel pangs of regret.

There’s a Ghanaian girl teaching English to sex workers in Cambodia. A Chinese girl interning at the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh. (HO SHIT Grameen Bank JEALOUS!) A guy working with another microcredit organization in Ghana. An American in a human rights program in Rwanda.

All expenses paid for by the college.

One cannot help but to sort of wish one had actually chosen to do something productive this summer and actually finished one’s application to one’s preferred program/internship.

By that I mean, I was really close to going on the human rights program in Rwanda, I even had an email reply from the organization, but I decided a month before the last day of school that maybe I should just go home instead.

And now I’m home. And now I realize that maybe I should’ve not chosen to be home, because some opportunities hardly come by twice in your life. Especially not something like an all-expenses-paid summer in a foreign land.

I guess I could’ve chosen to get a job or find an internship here, but taking into account the traveling during all of June and some of July/August, working or interning is quite inconvenient.

But OH how I would give up all that traveling in a heartbeat if that meant working with a development NGO in a remote part of the African continent, or a social justice program in the European continent, or something.

Those damned Facebook uploaded photos don’t help either.

Don’t get me wrong! Home/Malaysia is like a safe bet. It will always, always be lovely to be here, you can bet your chips on that. But it makes you wonder if you’re missing out on certain experiences that could have rocked your world like none other.

Anyhow. Say I make up my mind to make the most out of this summer break. Anyone has ideas on what “making the most” would constitute?

Volunteer work, definitely.

Work a job, not possible.

Travel somewhere, yeah that’s on the cards, plus I also have to save money lah no money.

Hang out with people, yealah but not every day also.

What else? I am bored as heck la. Plus when I get back to college and people ask me what I did over the break, I want to be able to rake up a longer, more interesting answer than just, “Oh, nothing much.”

You know what I should really, really do? Watch a lot of French movies, without English subtitles. I’ll be in a French literary class next semester with near-native French speakers in my college (oh yeah pee-in-your-pants worrisome), and I damn well need an A in that class to maintain my GPA, seeing that I will very likely crap all over my assignments during my semester in Paris Sorbonne next year.

So okay. Goal for this summer: Jack up French fluency.

Maybe another goal: Be familiar with basic Korean. I wanna make my Korean tutor, who, to my great fortune, happens to be my ex-roommate, proud of me.

That’s it for now.


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