Uninspired Post

Hellow mellow!

I actually have nothing to say other than this request: Can you ignore the previous whiny post?

Also, does anyone know of a quick way to rid of tan lines? Because I have an immensely noticeable, horribly unattractive tan in the shape of a V-necked, short-sleeved t-shirt.

Also, pre-London trip, I put on a gorgeous dress that only had size 5 remaining and hence hung a little loosely on me. Post-London trip, I put on the same gorgeous dress that still only came in size 5, and it fit me pretty okay. It couldn’t be more obvious if someone held up a sign with “YOU GAINED SUPER LOT OF WEIGHT” in capital letters. Going up an entire dress size is no laughing matter.

Also, I recently have rediscovered the joys of listening to the Polyphonic Spree. I recommend them to anyone who likes happy music. Not Mika-LifeInCartoonMotion happy. Instead more like, sun-peeping-from-behind-clouds happy; doves-released-into-sky happy; friends-hugging-jumping-squealing happy. Perhaps even trippy-high happy.

Also, a conversation with my college friends on a Facebook thread that have been ongoing since beginning of summer break has reminded me that there is only 1 month of summer break left.


How in the world did that happen?!

I left for London a week after I got back to Malaysia. I returned from London about 2 weeks ago. Now there is only one month till I go back to college!

I mean seriously, how did that happen? I barely blinked, man.

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