Shitty things happen

When someone is happily walking down the street, and suddenly some bird a hundred feet above decides to kena him with bird shit, you would say that person is damn unlucky, right?

But if a person sees a crowd of birds perched on the branches of a tree, and he decides to choose that same tree to sit under while he sings Lady Gaga songs very loudly and very horribly, then if one bird represents the others to shit on him, you would say that he was damn well asking for it, right?

The worst thing that can happen to a blog owner has happened to me. I lost ALL the published posts and the saved drafts I’ve written in the last year.

But I am like the second kena shit person. I kind of asked for it =(

I wanted to change to a cheaper web-host, so I emailed the old host at 1:35 AM the night before my expiry date, telling them to terminate my account and not to charge me for another year.

Then I started backing up my site, downloading everything onto my computer.

Then they emailed, at around 1:45 AM, telling me, okay we shall close your account, hope you will choose our service again in the future.

They replied me 10 minutes after I sent out the email. I did not expect that to happen!! Not at 1 in the morning!! I was STILL in the middle of backing up my blog! If they close my account at that instant, I will lose the rest I haven’t backed up!

So then I panicked, hoping the download goes super fast and is over before they do anything to my account.

And in my haste, I forgot to do one very, very important thing. I forgot to backup the database of my blog.

End of story is, I lost everything I wrote since August 4, 2009.

That is why the post below is from 2009.

I don’t care about the published posts la, those are not important, but the unpublished ones that I keep as drafts are very very important one lor. For one thing, they are super a lot longer than the average published post, and are definitely not a what-I-did-today sort of post.

I am really upset about losing them haih.

But whatever lah. Even if life’s a bed of roses, there are still those darned thorns right?

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