Back in school

Back in Jagung-land againnnn!

Oh man it was a horrible 27-hour journey. Plus the 45 minutes to KLIA, the 2-hour wait to board the plane, and the 1-hour drive back to school, all in all the journey from my house in Selangor to my dorm room in Iowa took a whopping 31 hours.

Then I came on Facebook, searched for any guy (and it had to be a guy) who was online and hence must not be too busy, said hi and asked the seemingly innocent question of “So how was your summer?”

Found out he just got back on campus last night, drank a lot in the summer, and is hoping to spend a semester in South Africa. And then, just when the conversation was at a slight lag, I said I was sorry to bother him, but was he busy?

Straight away he went, “You need help with moving your boxes? From the storage room?”

Ahhh. Sometimes we can be incredibly transparent, even when we think we’re being smart and cunning. Now you know why it had to be a guy.

We ended up moving a shit ton of stuff, until by the end, we couldn’t even move the boxes for the last two meters to my room because we were TOO TIRED.

I must add that during all this, I still have not showered / brushed my teeth. After a 31-hour journey from Petaling Jaya.

Don’t worry la, I got rinse my mouth many times and all. I figured that I will sweat like a pig after moving my stuff, so there was no use in showering first.


Now all my boxes are in my room, I’ve showered / brushed my teeth / pooped (hahahah yes 32 hours didn’t poop leh!), and I had lunch at Subway with a friend.

Now I just have to unpack everything, and vacuum or sweep my room because it’s so dusty.

I have a single room this year! At a very, very crazy dorm.

If you want to party, this is your dorm. If you want to do weed, this is your dorm. If you want to play beer pong on a Wednesday night, this is SO your dorm.

Obviously not at all a conducive environment for studying. I didn’t choose this dorm, it was a long story involving me, my plan to study abroad next semester, and the guy with whom I’m swapping rooms with. Long story over, I ended up here.


I am dead tired, but my room is very dusty and I don’t know which of the boxes are my bed sheets in. I do not plan on unpacking tonight, so this means? Sleep over at my friend’s place! Yay!

Okay she’s here, bye bye!!

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