Misérable, seriously.

Grrrr I am so mad and frustrated, I can almost really hurt someone right now.

My french professor gave us a few pages of Victor Hugo’s “Les Misérables” to read. It is not easy reading even in english, now you’re asking me to read in FRENCH!!!!!nooooooooooo!!

So after 2 hours of looking up words one by one, I realized it would take too freaking long, so I just googled the english version and read that. (And honestly, I still had to look up words even when reading the english version.)

But that is not the frustrating part.

The frustrating thing is, I am paired up with this girl for a presentation on the text tomorrow. We’re supposed to analyze the text and relate it to what we’ve been learning in class so far – the French revolution, the Restoration, blah blah blah.

I emailed the girl 5 hours ago, asking her when she can meet up. She never replied!

Which is damn annoying, because she did the same thing when we had a presentation a week ago!

The difference between me and her is, she is a fluent french speaker, while I am most definitely NOT. French is one of the national languages of her country. This is a chill class for her. She does her reading half an hour before bed, and she doesn’t prepare for presentations and stuff, she just goes and starts talking.

Me, I spend 2 hours doing 4 pages of french reading, and I spend another hour thinking about and writing down sentences for presentations, in case I forget how to say something in french.

So I think it is quite selfish of her that when we have to do pair presentations, she doesn’t even reply to my emails, couldn’t be bothered to meet with me, and then in class, I end up being nervous because we are not coordinated in what we’re each going to say. If she speaks first, and she talks about what I prepared for the day, then HOW? I cannot spontaneously think of something about a tough topic like french politics and talk about it in good french!!!!!

Other pairs in class always meet up before a presentation. Well duh, of course need to meet up to discuss LAAAAAAA.

I am so frustrated right now. I fucking don’t know how the pages of “Les Misérables” relate to a movie we watched. I don’t know what to say. And my freaking partner doesn’t take the class seriously enough to coordinate our presentation with me.

Can I just say, it is damn unfair that fluent french speakers are in the same class as people like me who are still struggling? Even if I end up with an A, I would’ve put probably 10 times more time and effort than someone who can read and speak french like I can read and speak english. Yet we both get the same amount of credits.


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