GGGAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! That, my friends, is the triumphant cry of a girl who has ACCOMPLISHED SOMETHING! Who, you ask? Me. Accomplished what? Studied for a French mid-term exam and a Religious Studies mid-term exam, wrote a 5-page theory paper (theory paper ahh! dun play play, not easy!), wrote a freaking FIFTEEN PAGE PAPER, and completed an […]

To yourself

It’s 4:07 AM and I’m still up writing my dang paper. I had to pee a few minutes ago, so I walked to the restroom. I was giving myself a pep talk, encouraging myself, telling myself that I CAN DO IT, when I pushed open the door to the restroom only to see someone was […]


I don’t think 10/10 holds much significance to most people lah, unless your birthday is on that date. But suddenly it’s 10/10/10, and everywhere I look online, I see friends’ statuses or picture albums or MSN names or whathaveyou’s all making a reference to the date. But then for almost everyone on G’nell campus however, […]


Conversation overheard while waiting in line to get food at the school café. Early Friday morning. Line is moving super slow. “So are you in a hurry?” “Yeah, for philosophy class.” “Oh you’re fine, I’m sure Socrates was late to class once in a while.” “Hahah, yeah.” *Fakes a deep voice* ” ‘Hey Socrates, why […]

Happy day

Afternoon texts: “Oooooooooohhhhhhh look at the sky!!!!! it doesnt have a piece of cloud today! pure blue it is! look at the sky yo right now!!! :-DDD” “Haha I know! It is sooo beautiful! I heard that if you can cut a big piece of clear blue from the sky enough to make blue pants […]