Just at the library

So right now I’m at the library, doing 3 things at the same time.

(I was doing 3 things, but am now doing just one – blogging. But why be so literal.)

All at once, I am (was)

1. reading a french text about 19th century impressionism

2. memorizing korean vocabulary

3. observing my surroundings and writing my fieldnotes

High-level multi-tasking eh!

My main focus is reading my article for french class because I have to do a presentation tomorrow (another one, damn sien). But every 10 minutes or so, I memorize a new korean vocabulary ’cause I have a quiz, also tomorrow. Memorizing one new noun every 10 minutes over several days is easier than memorizing all 50 words in one sitting. Frankly, I don’t know how to tell my korean tutor, who is my friend, that 50 words per week is too much.

And in addition to french and korean, I also have to observe my surroundings and make fieldnotes for my research on studying habits in the library, which is for my sociological methods class. So I’m just sitting here, waiting for something remotely interesting to happen so that I can record them down. Boring as hell. I’m actually supposed to write down everything single thing I see, even boring stuff like, someone is sitting with his Macbook, but he’s listening to his iPod and not actually writing his paper. But I am not in the mood to make real observations now.

* * * * *

Sometimes I am amazed at how, after a particularly bad school week, I can just be like, “eff homework” and not bother with school stuff.

The other night, it was 12:30 AM, and I had a 4-page paper due at 8 AM that morning. I was only still at page number 1.

Normal people would be panicky, and would lock themselves up somewhere for some hardcore paper-writing.

I was with one of my friends who’s also writing the same paper and who also is only on the first page, and at 12:30 AM we went to smoke hookah.

I ended up not being able to complete my paper (no surprise), and had to ask for an extension. The professor told me he would have to adjust my grade a little because of that.

Sighhhhh this is the first time something like this has happened. Also coincidentally my first time smoking hookah. Can’t say it’s particularly enjoyable.

Never again, man.

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